Why You Should Follow a Diligent Morning Routine for Your Blogging Success


Every day at about 8:30 AM a stream of ice cold water hits my face. Then my back. Then my legs.

This is after I meditate for 10 to 20 minutes.

I do some light stretching. A wee bit of shadow boxing. 30 to 40 minutes later I dive into my blogging day.

I explain via this YouTube video why you need a blogging morning routine. Not just coffee:

I follow a diligent morning routine to promote my blogging success.


Following a strict morning regimen – before touching my blog or checking my email or even looking at my Chromebook or phone – raises my vibe, encourages me to follow my fun and to regularly dive into my fears.

As a rule, people like to avoid their fears. Most bloggers would rather not dive into their worries or anxieties or terrors, which of course prolongs their struggles or failure. Establishing a devout morning routine helps you to blog mainly for fun and to dive head first into deep fears around a wide range of blogging activities.


Blogging is an energy game. Meaning as you do the inner work of meditating, building a gratitude list, stretching and exercising, on waking, you will face, embrace and release fear energies, and you will also blog mainly for the fun or passion you have for blogging.

Following a morning routine had a miraculous effect on my blog and life. I began to serve folks more frequently. I did things blogging-wise not because I was afraid to run out of stuff but because I had faith I would create success through my diligent practice, generous service and loving, caring, compassionate energy.

I did a 180 with my blog. I blogged mainly to give versus trying to get. Naturally, the giving became easier and the getting became easier. I drove more traffic to Blogging From Paradise. I increased my blogging profits. I received more comments. I found more folks to help.

All this stuff happened in response to me following a simple, clear, focused morning routine for months, then years. Because blogging is an energy game. If you clear out fearful energies through meditating, exercising, stretching, and doing whatever works for you, daily, you will move into specific blogging actions and back these energies with loving, fun, prospering vibes….all of which lead to blogging success.


Over the past 3 years I have changed my morning ritual a little bit but at one time or another I have engaged in these practices:

  • meditating
  • exercising
  • stretching
  • jumping into an icy cold shower (talk to your doctor first)
  • building a gratitude list

These are a few examples or rituals to follow for raising your vibe.

Many of the world’s happiest, most successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss follow morning routines daily. Their outer success mirrors their inner vibe. Or their worldly success and immense happiness mirrors their commitment to doing things on waking, daily, that helped them feel and clear their fears, which allowed them to act from a generous energy of love, fun and service.

Do you wonder how I appear to be all over the place in the blogging niche? I manage my energy by following a 30-40 minute morning routine daily.

I wake up, meditate for 20 minutes, stretch, jump into an icy cold shower for 30 seconds, and I read 1 line from an inspirational eBook.

I take that inspired, fun energy with me throughout the blogging day, backing my blogging actions with this irresistible energy, helping folks through a wide range of platforms, and my success multiplies.

Your Turn

Do you follow a morning routine for raising your energy? How has a morning routine increased your blogging success?

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