Do You Need a Blogging Energy Boost?

I made a shift.

Years ago, a little bit. But over time, more and more.

3 months ago I made a marked shift.

This shift helped me boost my blogging energy to unforeseen levels. At least from my experience.

What was the shift?

Watch this video I filmed in New York City as I explain:

Survival Mode to Fun Mode

I was formerly in survival mode. I blogged mainly to put food on the table and a roof over my head. The basics.

I blogged from a place of fear, to get stuff, so that fear pulled down my energy. No way I could do what I do today or be the person I am being if my energy was predominantly a fear-based vibe. I had to clear the fear. To raise my energy to current day levels.

This was a freeing experience, and highly uncomfortable experience, clearing these fear energies. I felt my fear of losing traffic, not making enough money through my blog, and a whole litany of other life and blogging fears that seemed to dominate my being and keep me in Survival Mode.

Clearing out these fears helped me find a new blogging driver; I could blog mainly for fun, with love, to enjoy the ride. Even if things didn’t seem to be moving along as quickly as I would have preferred, I trusted in the process. I also found stores of energy I had not previously been aware of, including long latent talents.

Example; when I was a little kid I won public speaking competitions. Little 5th grade Ryan Biddulph winning The Optimist Club speeches for his region, imagine that? Turns out, I am calling on some of those skills 32 years later as a 42 year old, Facebook Live video, Periscope Live video and YouTube Live video blogging fool.

I love being a performer. I love entertaining. I enjoy helping you.

Clearing out my deep fears and moving from Survival Mode to Fun Mode inspired me to be the entertainer, the value provider and more than anything, doing so helped me identify a permanent, ever lasting blogging energy boost I could call upon to both fortify my brand and to keep going and to keep getting stronger as I am progressing.

I feel *more* energized daily when most bloggers feel de-energized, tired and de-motivated after putting in work days.


I am not mainly doing this to get, out of fear. Because fear pulls you down. Fear de-energizes you, makes you feel tired, de-motivates you and saps your energy.

I am mainly blogging to have fun and to spread love. Love and fun are the opposite of any fear-based blogging approach.

Blogging mainly to enjoy the ride, to have fun and to follow my passion created an endless, Energizer Bunny like energy flow in me but also promoted my success in many other ways. I made more money through blogging. I drove more traffic. I attracted more comments, social shares, email subscribers and grew my blogging community super quickly but only after I faced, embraced and released my fear of loss so I could blog mainly for fun, with love.

This is one core secret to increasing your blogging energy every single day.


If you want to raise your blogging energy levels every day buy my eBook on Amazon:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

I wrote this to help you be, think and act like a rocking blogger.

Your Turn

Do you feel a little sluggish with your blogging efforts recently? How are you moving from Survival Mode to Fun Mode with your blog? What blogging mindset tips can you share?

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