Why I Reject 99 out of 100 Pitches and How to Be the 1

If you want to know how to pitch top bloggers you came to the right place.

But first….

Did you know I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks?

Did you know 124 are on Amazon? And that 2 are on Selz?

Did you know my favorite sport?

My friends know these facts. My blogging buddies. ย Because these people are my friends. Friends get to know friends. Friends take the time to build bonds, to let relationships grow and to patiently, persistently bond with their friends.

This makes total sense to any human being offline.

But 8 out of 10 human beings online do not understand, or follow, this basic fundamental, of making friends, to build bonds.

I reject 99 out of 100 pitches to:

  • appear on Blogging From Paradise, via a feature, mention, guest post, interview, link, or sponsored post
  • enter into a business partnership with me

Because 99 out of 100 folks forget or ignore or avoid doing the things that the 1 out of 100 does.

The 2 W’s



When a pitch flows to me, I ask who the individual is and what benefits the individual will gift to my audience.

Most bloggers or entrepreneurs or marketers reach out to me wondering how I can help them. Or asking me how I can help them. Or trying to persuade, coerce or manipulate me into helping them, by placing their link or by featuring them.

A shocking majority of these folks are complete strangers. I don’t know them from Adam. Meaning they did not spend months helping me, bonding with me and becoming my friend.

I ask myself, who is this individual pitching me? 8 out of 10 – or more – of these people are not friends. Or even worse, they are complete strangers. I delete said stranger pitches because I have a line of trusted, generous, kind, warm friends who I am ready and raring to feature on my blog.


Before we discuss the 2nd aspect of why I turn down 99 out of 100 pitches, I filmed this video on YouTube explaining this idea in detail. Watch it if you wish to see my talking head in NYC:


OK, on to the other aspect of why I turn down so many pitches. The “what”.

I have spied a trend recently. A few casual friends – no super strong bonds, folks who pop in here and there, just to check in every few months – have sent me an email, asking to place a link on Blogging From Paradise. Said link is usually associated with a niche *not* consistent with smart blogging tips. Meaning the link provides no benefit for my Blogging From Paradise readers. Meaning the email winds up in the trash, immediately.

You may be a casual friend. Or even a good friend. But you need to pitch something that benefits my readership because the Who and What both need to be matches. Perfect matches.

How to Be the 1

Comment on my blog 1-2 times weekly for the next 3-6 months. Publish helpful, personalized, inspired blog comments.

Retweet my blog posts. Share my blog posts on Facebook. Help me. Pop up on my radar.

Befriend me. When you befriend me, by helping me, over months, you lay the foundation for satiating the “Who are you?” question I ask when I am pitched. You will be a familiar face. A friend. Good deal.

As you read my blog posts over the 3-6 month period, you will get a feel for the Blogging From Paradise subject matter, and for the blog voice, and you will get the “what” down cold. How easy will it be for you to know specifically what benefits my audience when you take the time, have the patience and maintain the clarity to pitch only ideas which fully benefit my readership?

Your Turn

Are you mucking things up in this department? Or have you been appearing via guest posts or featured mentions on top blogs?

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