1 Annoying Blogging Strategy: Bog-Down-I-Tis

Attempting to read a post and publish a thoughtful comment on some blogs is like me trying to fly to Fiji……without the aid of a plane.

Imagine that. Me, flapping my firm, taught, but still very human arms like a baby bird in the nest, greedily elbowing out its chick brethren for the juiciest worm, served up my mama bird.

Yeah; that type of flapping.

Then picture me flapping my arms for like 13,000 miles. Across the US. To the North Pole, Back down, and around. To Bangkok. Then, imagine me flying 12 hours EAST, through Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, then Nadi, in Fiji.

Impossible. Until we are blessed with Jetson’s technology.

But it feels even more impossible when I come across an agitating, silly, blogging boo-boo on many blogs.

These bloggers mean well. They rock. Honest, But they allow a silly little thing to diminish the user experience on their blogs.

What is it?


These blogs are typically bogged down by dynamic ads, flashing frequently. In addition to a general presence of TMS: Too Much Stuff.

The presence of Too Much Stuff and dynamic ads SLOWS DOWN and BOGS DOWN these blogs. To the point where I cannot even leave a comment effectively, because all the heaviness leads to error comments, or comments made without me linking to my blog, or comments made where I couldn’t even pick my name, email address and blog URL from a form drop down because the blog was SOOOOO HEAVY with ads, widgets, dynamic advertisements, and so much stuff that it prevented effective, seamless, easy user interaction.

Which is a bad thing.

Note; I see this error particularly on blogs in ad heavy niches. Travel bloggers seem to be the worst offenders in this area.

The Cause of This Blogging Malady


Fear you aren’t making enough money. Or getting enough traffic. Or getting enough comments. Or getting enough email subscribers.

When you fear lack, almost every human being overcompensates, jam-packing their blog with more stuff. When you should actually remove stuff in 99.99% of these cases.

Because less is more.

The Prescription

Make white space your friend.

3 months ago I dove into a guest posting and blog commenting campaign, big-time.

I also did something that influenced my income and traffic and email list size and comment spike.

I pared down my sidebar. I made white space my friend.

By removing ads and images, I gave readers greater clarity, through my clarity. I boosted engagement. I sped up the process through which readers could publish comments, buy my eBooks, courses and audio books, and through which they could hire me.

No dynamic ad distractions. Nothing pulling my reader’s attention away from engaging, and buy, or sharing. All the stuff that builds community.

I had to pare down though, to create this neat surge of sweetness.

You may need to do the same if your blog is bogged down with ads, heavy dynamic widgets and all manner of stuff which you need to release to streamline your blog and to create a pleasant, engaging, fabulous user experience.

The biggest problem? Fear. Fear of letting go. Fear of the idea that less is more. Fear that you fear missing out. These fears layer themselves on one another, creating a serious fear soup that if you scoop it up, you will most definitely fall prey to making this agitating, annoying mistake.

I felt pretty dang uncomfortable paring down my sidebar. I let go a few sweet travel photos. I also released a few of my blogging courses. Ditto with the eBook of the week widget.

My silly logic tried to smack me around. How could I succeed in selling these products or eBooks if I trashed the advertisements for said products and eBooks? How could I build an eye-popping brand if I held back on sharing ample travel photos?

My mind objected. But as always, logic loses to intuition. Meaning, the pull I felt to lighten things up, sidebar-wise, would lead to increased engagement, greater sales, more traffic, more comments and a general spike in blog metrics.

Which of course, it did.

If you post anything to your sidebar, ask yourself: am I doing this from an energy of fear, or from an energy of fun?

Wait for an honest answer.

Your Turn

How can you avoid Bog-Down-I-Tis? How have you streamlined your blog?


I filmed a video recently diving into the *too much action* side of blogging. One thing to add too much stuff to your blog. It’s quite another to do too much because you are desperate.

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