Successful Bloggers Are Not Lucky!

1 limiting belief I clung to – for many years – held back my blogging growth.

For many years.

I discuss this idea via a Facebook Live video:

Some bloggers look at my life and believe I am really lucky. Or that I was always lucky.

I have circled the globe for over 6 years as a pro blogging island hopper.

I have lived in:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Nicaragua
  • Turkey
  • Peru
  • Cyprus
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Qatar
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam
  • Laos

for months at a time.

Some feel I am lucky.

But when I was $70,000 in debt and had 4 cents during the early days of my blogging career, I was not lucky.

Successful Bloggers Are Not Lucky!

Clinging to this “successful bloggers are lucky” idea killed my early blogging career because it gave me an excuse to not work intelligently, and successfully. I self-destructed, blogging-wise, because I believed no matter how much I developed my writing skills and grew my friend network I would never, ever succeed.

I eventually uprooted this blogging limiting belief because I saw it was a lie. A fear-based lie.

All the rocking bloggers I deemed lucky experienced struggles. All decided to follow their passion, to practice their blogging skills, to generously build their friend networks and to help folks with their talents.

These folks became successful not through luck, but by being diligent to their blogging craft, daily, over a period of years.

If you wrongly believe that successful bloggers are:

  • lucky
  • connected, before they begin blogging
  • rich, before they begin blogging
  • always happy
  • loved by everyone

you may want to buy my blogging eBook.

I wrote the eBook to help you see the dangerous assumptions I made about successful bloggers which killed my success and which will kill your success too, if you hold these limiting beliefs and build your entire blogging career on these untrue, damaging ideas.

Blogging success finds bloggers who:

  • follow their passion, through their blog
  • develop their blogging skills through persistent practice
  • build their friend networks by generously promoting other bloggers
  • comment thoughtfully on blogs from their niche
  • guest post regularly on blogs from their niche
  • generously help people who ask them questions

I have not seen luck at play during either my blogging ups or downs.

I have spotted many blogging experiences to seize, to learn from and to profit from. Because every moment is a vehicle for your advancement.

If you find yourself pondering this idea of luck, and how you believe that successes only became successful because of a lucky break, or a chance encounter, remind yourself that this line of thinking was likely accepted from someone who didn’t think, feel and act like a success.

I only believed that all successful bloggers were lucky because I accepted this idea from people who felt all successes in any niche fell into success, luckily, stepping into a prospering, fun, freeing situation through some cosmic accident. I had to let go the idea, to grow, and by honestly owning this limiting belief I was free to follow my passion, to hone my writing and video creating skills, to build my friend network by promoting others and to generously serve people.

I learned that becoming an established, pro blogger is based on an energetic cause and effect.

When I showed love by helping people, and by persistently practicing to improve my skills, love was reflected back to me in the form of success. Simple as that.

Your Turn

Have you ever believed that successful bloggers became successful through luck? How did you release this limiting belief? How can you better let go any dangerous assumptions you make about successful bloggers?

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