How Comfortable Are You With Doing Uncomfortable Blogging Things?

4:01 PM.

I feel a bit uncomfortable now.

T – 8 hours. And counting.

I feel like I am under the blogging gun.

Because I am a little behind schedule today. I have 1-2 more guest posts to write. A few more networks to work. I have a handful of things I would like to do within the next 8 hours, including setting up my podcast and blog post tomorrow on Blogging From Paradise.

That’s OK though.

I have developed the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Watch as I discuss in this video:

I used to be terrified to write and submit guest posts. I vividly recall how scared I felt to write and submit my first few guest posts here on blogging tips.

I remember double checking with Zac before I hit the publish button. Come to think of it, I would not dare hit the publish button during those first few days guest posting here, even though I had posting rights. I could have published a post at any time but always checked with him. Because I felt highly uncomfortable making the executive decision to write and publish a guest post on Blogging Tips without checking in with the blog owner.

I eventually because comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling. I began to publish posts sans double checking with Zac. As my confidence level increased I would simply write and publish a guestie without even thinking about checking in with anybody. No big deal.

Today I am in and out in a short amount of time, between writing and publish a guest post on this blog. I am entirely comfortable with doing so. Routine, really. But I only reached these comfort levels because I had to be comfortable with the highly uncomfortable feeling of writing and submitting my first few guest posts. I had to find my comfort groove by not turning around and/or quitting when I felt uncomfortable.

This applies to any blogging activity. If you habitually dive into uncomfortable situations you will develop the profitable skill of being comfortable with uncomfortable activities like:

  • writing and self-publishing your first eBook
  • writing and publishing your first guest post
  • creating and selling your first online course

or any blogging activity that feels highly uncomfortable at first.

This is challenging guys. At least when you decide to habitually dive into uncomfortable but freeing and fun blogging activities. It’s all about doing the scary, but freeing, and fun things you want to do, persistently, to develop the habit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.


The biggest benefit I have experienced by being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a boost in online income. All online profits tend to reside well outside of your comfort zone as you expand your prosperity consciousness and allow in more money.

I made more friends. I rendered greater service to my followers. I grew my email list. I received more blog comments and social shares. I slowly and patiently built the life of my dreams by calmly and clearly diving into uncomfortable situations regularly, because it’s in these moments where you learn what you have allowed to stop you, what you cowered to and what you are overcoming, to promote your blogging success.

Phew! That felt good. After downloading an app on my phone for an interview tomorrow – highly uncomfortable, as I gravitate to technology about as readily as a Great White Shark gravitates toward a vegetarian buffet – and finishing up this post it’s 4:30 PM.

One blogging activity down. Check it off of the list.

After I hit Quora and the Warrior Forum in a few minutes I will have checked a few more items off of my blogging to-do list.

Not always a comfortable journey but thank goodness I developed the habit of being comfortable with being highly uncomfortable.

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