1 Outcomes Based Blogging Block You Need To Let Go

1 stinking opt in.

After a week of guest posting.

I felt disgusted. Hopeless, really.

I bought in to one of the worst, most insidious blogging blocks that hamstrings many new and struggling bloggers.

Fast forward many years.

The other day I noticed something really cool. Something I celebrated. Something that felt amazing.

Over the past 3 months I have doubled my email list.

Amazing, right?

Here’s the deal: I had to face, embrace and dissolve this all too common blogging block before I could accelerate my success stupid quickly like this.

I had to be aware of this block.

I had to embrace it.

I had to release it, dissolving it in my being.

What is this blogging mental block?

I filmed a video explaining it:

Identifying with Seemingly Crappy Results

Many years ago I identified 100% with getting 1 email opt in over a week. Or with not making a dime through my blog for months.

I would feel like a loser then bring that loser energy to all I did, blogging-wise.

As you would expect, I did not succeed with this approach.

Finally I stopped identifying with my results because I realized those silly stories I told myself about my blog results aka outcomes were not true. I was not a failure because I did not make a dime through my blog for months. I did not see myself as a struggling blogger, after realizing this truth.

But I had to face, embrace and feel the energies of loss, failure, grief and anger before I had this breakthrough. I had to let go the fear to make room for the fun. Or to begin blogging mainly for fun, with love, versus trying to blog just to survive by putting food on my table and a roof over my head.

Once I left Survival Mode behind I was not swayed by my blogging results. I had dissolved that mental block. So I was calm when things did not appear to be growing fast. Didn’t bother me. But I did celebrate all wins like a chunky kid in a candy store.

This simple practice of not identifying yourself, your being and your entire life on how many opt ins you get, how much money you make through your blog and how much traffic you drive to your blog will accelerate your blogging success to miraculous levels.

Like me doubling my email list in 3 months, after my list growth had stalled for quite a long time.

Make your love of freedom and pursuit of fun greater than your fear of loss by facing, embrace and releasing the fear energies you associate with your blogging outcomes.

During lean years I felt like a stupid loser when I saw what appeared to be poor outcomes.

Now I feel amazing whether I sell a course or sign a client up or generate hundreds of Retweets daily….or not.

The conditions aka results aka outcomes do not define me. I don’t make the mistake of telling that silly story anymore.

Now I focus little on results, celebrating every seeming win – selling a $350 course or getting a single retweet or selling a single $3.99 eBook or appearing on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog – but taking everything in stride, making the real reward the work/fun that I do daily, teaching folks how to build a successful blog…..and their dream life.

Your Turn

How are you dissolving this blogging mental block? What tips can you add to help your fellow bloggers not identify completely with their blogging results?

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