How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Blog

Once an aspiring business owner makes the decision to take the business digital by launching a website, they need a Content Management System (CMS). Going by the popular choice, most of them choose WordPress. It is a Content Management System or an application that eases the process of styling, managing, and publishing content. However, it isn’t a uniform application; it is made using different interacting parts. WordPress is created by combining HTML, JavaScript, CSS and is written in a programming language called PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). WordPress gives the user access to multiple plugins and free themes that simplify the design process and allow the user to add powerful features in a few clicks. As soon as the decision to go with WordPress is made, the next step is to decide about hosting. Hosting provides the bandwidth and server that any site needs to connect to the internet.

Types of WordPress Hosting

Undeniably, WordPress is one of the most popular website building tools. However, there are other hosting options available on which a WordPress website can be successfully hosted. With the available options, it becomes even more difficult for a website owner to choose from the WordPress hosting options available and figure out which one is best suited. Keeping this in mind, we will explore the two most popular options available to help the website owners decide. The two popular options are Shared and Managed WordPress hosting.

Shared Hosting

One of the best ways to get started with WordPress is by hosting the website on shared hosting. It is an intelligent solution and usually inexpensive. The user can easily add multiple domains to one hosting service. Also, many shared hosting solutions come with a tool that makes it convenient to install WordPress. Most of them include an email that the user can use with the domain. The user also has the option to install SSL Certificates.

However, there are a few drawbacks with shared hosting. When users host their websites on shared hosting, they share the server with other users as well. The number of shared users range anywhere from 200-2000 on a single server. The number of users on a server (known in the industry as Package Density) depends on the threshold of the vendor. Usually, the less you pay, the more the number of users you share the server with. Also, if any of the shared users’ websites experience spikes due to heavy traffic, it will slow down the performance of your website as well (including others on the same server!).

Managed WordPress Hosting

The market of managed WordPress Hosting is broad and has solutions that serve both small and large businesses. However, here, we are only talking about the solutions designed for small businesses.

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting account with WordPress installed. It offers an optimised and streamlined WordPress experience and when you launch your account, you are directly redirected to the WordPress admin panel. Key features include, automatic updated through the built-in functionality, performance enhancing caching, higher security through restricted file access, automatic installation of the latest version of WordPress and access to sFTP and phpMyAdmin. In addition, with managed hosting, the user gets pre-configured, pre-installed services that lower the time required to set-up.

More than anything else, managed hosting solutions focus on providing a higher level of support as compared to shared hosting. So, whenever the user needs any help, quick support from experienced support agents is provided.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Automated WordPress Core Updates

For security of your website, it is critical to conduct frequent updates. With Managed WordPress hosting plan, all the core updates for your WordPress website is automated. It is the responsibility of the hosting provider to test and implement WordPress updates in the backend.

Fast Operation

One of the key benefits of Managed WordPress hosting is that every aspect of the server is tweaked to run better with WordPress’s setup. This can often result in dropping the page load speed by a second or two.

Automatic Backup

Managed WordPress hosting plans include automated daily backups and let you easily and quickly restore backup if ever the need arises. In addition, the single-click restore facility makes it easy to bring back the site online within minutes.

More Secure

With managed hosting, the user will get individual attention and increased security protocols. If in case the website running on managed hosting gets hacked, there will be a full support team to help the user with WordPress-specific attacks.

Up to Date Server

The site will always perform efficiently as there is a team that always ensures that the user’s server is running on the latest software.


Each Managed WordPress hosting is handled by a team of WordPress experts. Hosting providers offer 24×7 live chat and phone support. You can reach out to the team anytime to resolve your queries and problems. Support options are something you should always look for when choosing a hosting plan. To see the different types of hosting plans available and support features often included within a service, be sure to check out this hosting reference guide.

Increased Uptime

The website will use a greater portion of the server resources because it will be sharing resources with less number of websites and in many cases with none. The uptime will automatically increase.

Parameters to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan for your WordPress websites –

Analyze your needs

Are you looking to host the WordPress website for yourself or on behalf of your clients? In the case of the former, a hatchling or beginners WordPress hosting plan that supports one website may take care of your need. However, if you want to host multiple clients on the same plan, a business or pro plan will be a better choice.

Technical expertise

This is an important parameter to consider before deciding on the type of WordPress hosting you need. If you are a business owner who is looking for a powerful WordPress plan but do not want any technical undertaking, a Managed WordPress plan is tailor-made for your needs. Whereas, if you are a through IT professional and want control over the server, a self-managed WordPress is what you can go for.

Budget + Nature of the Website

The price of a WordPress plan is anywhere between $5 to $70. This difference in the price is primarily due to hardware used by the service providers. For instance, WordPress hosting plans ranged between $50 to $70 are premised upon dedicated hardware infrastructure will be a better fit for a website with videos or critical data. On the other hand, if the data is not resource intensive, a WordPress hosting plan ranging for $5 to $15 shall meet your need.

So, if you are planning to go digital with your business, you should make a point of doing a lot of research and follow the information provided above. Before choosing from any of the WordPress hosting plans, make sure you enquire what others have to say about the plan and the hosting provider. Moreover, a better option will be to go with a top hosting provider in the industry like ResellerClub with optimized WordPress hosting products to have a hassle-free operation and experience.

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