1 Tip To Avoid Blogger Burnout And To Boost Your Energy I Learned From A Sloth

I promoted one of my latest eBooks on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G Plus accounts a few minutes ago:

How a Phlegmatic Sloth Teaches You 6 Successful Blogging Lessons

I noted how 1 chapter totally helps you avoid blogger burnout and to boost your energy. All because I patiently observed a sloth for hours at a time while I lived in a remote jungle in Costa Rica a while back.

I noted how this sloth slowly, calmly and peacefully did all things from a relaxed space. He never rushed. I mean never. All moves were measured. Deliberate. So much so that Slothy the Sloth appeared to be moving in slow motion whenever he did anything, from climbing higher into the jungle canopy, to moving from tree to tree, to scratching himself, to foraging for and eating delicious leaves.

Slothy moved in slow motion. Always. Deliberate. Never hurrying, never pushing, never hustling. Even if he did put in into hyper drive he moved roughly 150% slower than any human being would move on their most lazy, low-key, easy as a Sunday morning type day.

Slothy teaches you the ultimate lesson in defeating blogger burnout. Not just that; he also teaches you the ultimate lesson in steadily and slowly increasing your energy levels daily.

He teaches you to slow down, to calm down, to relax and to work your blogging day from a deliberate, peaceful space. By mindfully typing one word at a time, literally slowing down your fingers, and overall movements, you uncover one of blogging’s great secrets: the only reason you ever burn out is because you go too fast, too hard and too long. The only reason you do not increase your energy levels daily is because you are not going slow enough.

Go slow. Relax. Leave blogger burnout in the past. Steadily increase your energy levels daily.

The Chief Blogging Benefit

You will:

  • be more prolific
  • drive more traffic
  • attract more blog comments
  • guest post more frequently
  • grow a bigger, more loyal blog community
  • read and comment on more blogs
  • serve more people through a variety of channels

if you slow down and calm down, because leaving blogger burnout in your rear view mirror and increasing your energy daily helps you find the extra gear most bloggers look for, but never find.

I personally used this “slow down” tip to publish 500 plus guest posts between this blog and The Huffington Post, to generate 100,000 plus views on my Quora answers, to promote my 126 eBooks, to promote my courses and to guest post and blog comment effectively on a slew of other blogs, in addition to having a rocking, globe-trotting, fun offline life.

When you hurry through your blogging day, fear goads you to try to do more, which is no good, because you are *being* less.

When you slow down through your blogging day, love and clarity help you to *be* more, which is good, because when you are being more, you relax, and often do more than most folks in your niche without trying much at all, because you back your actions with relaxation, not tension.


I published a video earlier today in New York City explaining this concept of slowing down, calming down, relaxing and defeating blogger burnout for good.

I also explain how slowing down your blogging activities is the easiest way to steadily increase your energy daily, helping you appear to be all over the place with your prolific nature.

This is an in-depth video. Aka, a bit longer than a few minutes. Grab your favorite beverage, kick back, relax and enjoy me diving into these concepts so you too can slow down, calm down and rock it out with your blog.

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