1 Surefire Way To Leave Blogging Trolls In The Dust

Ignore the lower energies.

I recall someone commenting on my old blog many years ago. This person suggested I was lying about my success. Perhaps I was crafty in Photoshop. Perhaps I was not really in Fiji.

Perhaps this guy was a troll; a person mired in fear and suffering whose prime intent was to pick fights, criticize, be skeptical and to freely point out what was wrong in the world.

I noted on Facebook at the time how this guy commented on my blog. Some member of a Facebook Group offered me invaluable advice I carried with me to this day:

“Ignore the lower energies.”

She mentioned how someone offered her this same advice a long time ago. She took it to the bank. Literally. Because when you ignore lower energies, higher energies move into your experience. If you ignore trolls, successful bloggers move into your experience.

I nabbed the idea for this post after reading a comment in my spam folder a few minutes ago. An individual made an off color comment, totally unrelated to the blog topic. I ignored the lower energies. I deleted the spam comment.

By letting go lower energies I progressively allowed higher energies to move into my life experience. Both online and offline. Blogging-wise I have attracted more successful people, made more money, generated more profitable ideas and have enjoyed the ride by ignoring lower energies.

Trolls are really pained, suffering, fearful people. The person who tried to post an inappropriate comment on my blog is suffering in some way, because no happy, fun-loving, normal human being sees the world through a pained, suffering, fearful filter, and publishes comments like that.

I cannot be a savoir. Not my job. So I ignore the lower energies and allow the individual to find their way on their own. Eventually, they will see that if you want help in life you have to deal with your own demons and ask folks nicely, from a loving, caring, compassionate space.

But it’s not my job to make the lower energies understand this truth. I just ignore the lower energies. Because where my attention and energy goes, grows.

How You Can Ignore Lower Energies

  • delete all spam comments
  • do not respond to trolls on social media
  • do not fight individuals on social media or on your blog

This is not about ignoring anybody who disagrees with you. Feel free to chat with folks who offer a different viewpoint in a polite, light, loving manner.

This is about ignoring unclear, rude or tense folks who either want to start a fight….or, to be right.

Let them go. Ignore the lower energies. Let go the fear to make room for love, harmony, wholeness and completeness with your blog.


Some bloggers feel the need to put up with low energy trolls because they want to manipulate these folks, either through proving them wrong or by trying to make them see the light. This is a fruitless effort because you soon learn that you cannot control what other people say, think or do.

However, when you let go the need to manipulate people you can begin to let go the trolls and any need to control folks to co-create a bright, brilliant future through the value you bring to the table with other loving, high energy bloggers.

I guest post like a freaking machine all over the blogging tips niche – and in other niches too – because I am huge on co-creating.

Watch this video as I explain the difference between manipulation and co-creation.

Are you ignoring the lower energies? Are you skipping out on blogging trolls?

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