3 Examples of Blog Content in Very Different Niche Markets

We all know the power and influence that comes with blogging, but if you aren’t creating the right content for your audience, what’s the point? This is one of the biggest struggles for bloggers and brands around the world today. Most are just pushing out content for the sake of going live with new content — which doesn’t help with the end goal of a blog… which is to provide value and direction for an audience.

The best way to approach content writing and blogging is to first understand who your audience is, what they want and how you can provide it to them. In today’s article, we are going to look at three different blogs in three very different niche markets. Each of them is unique in their own way, while also creating content that not only provides value to their audience… but also helps grow the brand and business in the process. After viewing each of the examples below, you should have a much better idea on how to start creating content for your own blog and audience.


When it comes to the safety and love for your pets, nothing comes close. We love our furry little friends so much, that often times we will take better care of them than we do with ourselves. With this in mind, pet food and pet health are multi-billion dollar industries. Every day millions of people search Google for the latest information on pet food and also search for questions to their latest pet health issues.

Sites like Truth About Pet Food highlight many different areas of pet health and pet food, but their pet food ingredients section is probably one of the most read and sought after. With human and dog food always being in the news for the different health concerns at risk, it’s extremely important to make sure you are feeding your pets the right food at all times. By keeping an eye on all of the latest pet food news and health alerts, TAPF has become one of the premier sites in the pet industry — once again, providing a free value to their audience, while building a powerful and respectable brand in the process.


The entertainment and online gaming industry are one of the most competitive niche markets out there. If you go wide scale you can cover everything from online gaming, casinos, promotions, tutorials and much more. In the case of ASC, they know exactly who their audience and how to provide them with the right content they are looking for. The main attraction on their site are for promotions towards playing online casino slot machines, but once you start looking through their blog content, you will find how they are able to attract different audiences through articles based on gaming promotions, tutorials, and guides — especially the one below “How to Play Video Poker, and How to Win”.

With millions of online and offline gamers around the world, there really is a never ending supply of people who are going online to search for such content on a daily basis. Whether it’s learning how to play, finding the best local attractions in your area, or even what the latest promotions are for playing online… if you can provide this type of content and value to your audience, they are likely to act upon any recommendations you might have — ultimately making your site and content even more profitable.


Have you ever Google’d how to cook something? Sure you have, and millions of other people are doing the same thing every day. As simple as it might be to cook and egg or even bake a chicken, people are still going to search for how to get the job done efficiently and in the right way.

However, when it comes to such a generic and broad topic, it’s something many blogs and websites have already covered. With that in mind, it’s no longer a matter of just creating the content, its a matter of doing it better than the competition. That’s exactly what Beach Body on Demand has done with the many recipe articles on their site, such as this one on how to bake chicken breasts. Not only have they provided a detailed walk through, they also have some great pictures in the process.

In the end, this not only provides the end user with the information and guidance they were looking for, it also helps introduce millions of people to the Beach Body brand on a monthly basis. Consider how creating ‘better content’ could start working for your site or brand.

Blogging is All About Content Value… Not Content Creation

With more than a billion active sites on the internet today, there isn’t a need for more content — we simply need better content. Consider each of the options above and how they are creating content for their audience, while also providing a service in the process. The more time you spend on planning out and promoting your content, the more likely you are to find success in the world of blogging.

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