1 Greedy Blogger Mistake And How To Fix It

All great ventures are built 1 connection at a time.

All great blogs are built:

  • 1 blog post at a time
  • 1 comment at a time
  • 1 email at a time
  • 1 profit at a time
  • 1 person generously served at a time
  • 1 friend at a time
  • 1 guest post at a time

Some greedy, fear-filled bloggers make a terrible mistake on the regular.

These folks hurriedly, desperately, spasmodically try to hit the ball out of the park by trying to learn all the tips, techniques and hacks to create a viral blog post.

This greedy, fear-driven error is a common mistake made by many bloggers because these lost, lazy or outright terrified types try to get something for nothing. No desire to practice a skill. No desire to promote other bloggers. No desire to help or serve or interview or learn the blogging craft.

Some silly bloggers who drive about 10 visitors to their blogs daily write and publish posts on how to get viral traffic. I am all for learning then turning around and teaching but 99.99% of the time, these inexperienced or struggling bloggers attempt to manipulate other bloggers with flashy headlines and big promises.

I hate to break it to you: becoming a singles hitter versus being the home run slugging, viral blog post obsessed blogger is the way to build a sustainable, full time income through blogging.

The Analogy

The power hitter who goes for the home run every time may swat a few out of the park but also strikes out a bunch because said hitter tries too hard to hit every ball out of the park. Just like the blogging fool who desperately, greedily and lazily tries to publish a viral post every time they write. Not good.

Meanwhile, the singles hitter who simply tries to get the bat on the ball makes contact more frequently, reaches first base and scores more often, leading to more runs and wins over the long haul. Just like the wise, prospering, successful, fun-loving bloggers who are thinking about the end game each time they write a post.

The singles hitter creates more wins for their team. The blogger who focuses on writing simple, helpful blog posts persistently scores more wins for themselves, their blogs and their readers.

The Easiest Way To Write a Viral Post

I found the easiest way to write a viral blog post here on Blogging Tips: write the post in 238 pieces, or via 238 posts.

As of this writing I have written and published 238 blog posts on blogging tips. These 238 blog posts have helped me create the same effect of one huge viral post on Blogging Tips because hitting these blogging singles daily – versus desperately trying to write a viral post every few months – has helped me:

  • grow my email list
  • rank higher for blogging keywords on Amazon (just received my Associates payment today, woohoo!) which boosts my eBook sales
  • increase my blog traffic
  • increase my blog consulting client base
  • increase my blogging course sales

all because I hit singles over years versus trying to publish a viral post every once in a while.


Watch this video to see me discuss how to create a blogging empire.

The idea ties in beautifully to the concept I am sharing here today:

Your Turn

Are you trying to knock every post out of the park with a viral blog post? Is this desire coming from a place of fear and desperation? Or maybe from a place of greed?

Or have you learned that hitting singles consistently and persistently by writing helpful, simple posts is the way to build a successful blog? How are you writing simple, powerful, helpful blog posts persistently?

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