4 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Web Hosting To A New Company

Even if you do everything right on the blogging frontend and backend you may be doomed.

Having poor, low quality web hosting damages your chances of succeeding online.

Frequent down times and slow loading speed are 2 blog killers.

In some cases you can simply upgrade to a premium hosting package to address these issues but you may need to go with a different web hosting company all together.

I noted frequent down time and snail-like load times 3 years ago with my old, well known host. I soon realized that this company overloaded servers to fulfill its dirt cheap, bottom of the barrel rates.

Since I was not too keen on this move – although I did appreciate the phrase “you get what you pay for” – I chose a different hosting company, paid a premium hosting fee and have been happy ever since.

Keep an eye out for these red flags which may indicate it’s time to change to a new web hosting company.

1: Site Down Frequently

I knew something was up.

I had seen slow load times with my old blog and old hosting company but watching my blog crash regularly was the straw that broke the blogging camel’s back.

I left my old hosting company. I found a new hosting company. Never looked back.

Don’t tolerate this red flag. The moment you notice frequent downtime begin researching a premium hosting package or different hosting company.

2: Slow Load Time

Persistent slow load times are typically indicative of a poor hosting package or poor hosting company.

During my dingbat blogging days I sometimes waited for 40 seconds or more to see my blog load. I am not kidding. I would actually wait for minutes to see my blog load on the really bad days.

Perhaps I felt I was destined to fail so I waited months to end this slow loading nightmare by choosing a different hosting company.

If you note load times of over 10 to 20 seconds – or more – on a daily basis, or every few day, strongly consider upgrading to a different hosting company or at least to a premium package with your current host.

3: Site Outages Or Slow Load Time After Viral Post Or Features On High Traffic Blog

I recently landed a guest post on Positively Positive. This blog boosts:

  • 80,000 email list subscribers
  • 2.5 million Facebook Fans
  • 100,000 plus Twitter followers

I carefully tracked my blog the moment my guest post went live. No issues. No outages. My blog loaded quickly as it always does.

I felt confident this would be the case but did breathe a sigh of relief because big volume surges can place quite a strain on host servers.

I recall seeing tiny traffic spikes on my old blog – with my old hosting company – and noting down time, slow load times and a general nightmare all over an extra measly hundred or so visitors.

My new host handled serious traffic effortlessly.

If you write a viral post or get featured on a world famous blog with a mammoth-sized readership note how your hosting package handles the spike. Poor performance means it’s time to at least upgrade your package, if not choosing a new hosting company all together.

4: Poor Customer Service

I never personally had bad customer service with any hosting company but if you see poor response times to your questions or support tickets think about upgrading to a different company.

Be realistic; even if you are a VIP client paying for premium hosting you cannot expect representatives to wait on you hand and foot, responding to support tickets in seconds. Do expect a reasonable response time though.

For critical issues I like responses within 1-2 hours. I can live with that. Less pressing issues should receive a response within 24 hours.

Your Turn

Do you need a hosting company upgrade to a more reputable, dependable company? Is your blog loading way too slowly? Or is your blog down far more than it is up and running? What red flags can you add to this list?

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