How Easily Can You Let Go?

9 years ago I spent my days posting links to 300 plus Facebook Groups.

5 years ago I spent my days writing and placing up to 30 articles a day for clients.

Today I write and publish 3 to 5 guest posts daily.

I also write and publish 2 posts to Blogging From Paradise weekly. I also record and publish 1 podcast weekly. I also create a Facebook Live video daily.

A few years back I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks; most of them in a 3 month stretch.

My point?

At various stages of my blogging career I had to let go who I was to become the blogger I was meant to be.

Current Day Me

Imagine if I was still copying and pasting and manually posting 1 home based opportunity to 300 plus Facebook Groups? No way I’d be writing these words. I would never have been able to:

  • develop my writing skills through diligent daily practice
  • network by commenting on top blogs
  • network by featuring folks on my blog
  • publish quality posts on my blog
  • run a podcast
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • create products and services

all of which opened this guest posting door for me.

I had to let go the old, worn out, lower energy, afraid version of me to make room for the new, exciting, high energy, positive, fun-loving, more fearless version of me.

You cannot be both people at once. Impossible. Because you cannot outfox your energy.

I see tons of struggling bloggers who are doing the same old low energy stuff I used to do. Posting their latest blog post or business opportunity link to hundreds of Facebook Groups and G Plus Communities. Avoiding guest posting like the plague. Not commenting on blogs. Publishing thin, relatively worthless content on their blogs. Refusing to promote other bloggers. Not building a friend network.

If you are doing these things you need to let go the low energy, fear-filled, old and worn out blogging activities I noted above to make room for the higher energy, valuable, generous, productive, effective blogging actions that successful bloggers engage in to build successful blogs.

You will never become a successful blogger by spending your day posting links to hundreds of social media groups. No real value there. No networking. No leveraging. Because while you spend 6 hours posting links to groups I just wrote and published 3-4 guest posts, published helpful comments on 10 to 20 blogs, promoted other bloggers, built my friend network and rendering useful service through my eBooks, audio books, courses and services.

Who do you think is getting ahead?

Are You Being a Professional Blogger?

Watch me discuss from Doha, Qatar, the wealthiest country on earth:

How to Let Go

How can you let go the failing, struggling blogging activities to make room for the successful blogging activities?

Blog mainly for fun. Not finances.

Follow your passion. Not profits.

Think of ways to help people and serve people.

Guest post. Comment on top blogs. Write and publish 1-2 posts weekly on your blog. Promote other bloggers. Feature other bloggers. Tweet other bloggers. Become an active participant on sites like the Warrior Forum and Quora.

Stop only looking out for yourself. Promote other bloggers 10 times as much as you promote yourself.

When you become fully disgusted with cowering to your fears you will face, embrace and release these terrors to make way for your fun.

Your Turn

How are you letting go old, worn out blogging activities to make room for new, exciting activities?

Are you struggling to let go amateur, struggling strategies?


How can you better leave failure behind to become the success who you are meant to be?

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