1 Disastrous Mistake Plaguing New Bloggers

20 years ago I was heavily into bodybuilding.

No pun intended.

I am not quite as massively huge as I used to be but still know the fitness game well.

Look up to see me pressing a giant asparagus in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.

I recall one gym experience from my college days vividly.

2 kids from the baseball team were training. Each skinny kid wanted to put on some mass to add pop to their swing.

While doing dumbbell shoulder presses they were approached by a large bodybuilder who basically had the musculature of an Marvel Comic super hero. He advised each kid to twist the dumbbell at the top of the movement for a sharper burn and for increased muscle growth.

The 2 baseball players dropped the dumbbells, looked at the massive bodybuilder and said,

“Our coach said to do the exercise a different way.”

To which the bodybuilder responded,

“Does your coach look like me?”

The skinny kids stared at each other, shrugged, and said “No”.

The Dangerous Mistake

A baseball coach doesn’t know how to pack on lean mass like a bodybuilder. Especially if the baseball coach doesn’t look at all like a bodybuilder.

So many new bloggers make the disastrous mistake of ignoring professional blogger advice to follow their own advice. Or to follow the advice of someone who is not a pro blogger.

Naturally, a newbie blogger following their own advice will fail horribly. How could they succeed? They have no experience or know how to call upon.

You will also struggle horribly if you follow the advice of affiliate marketers, internet marketers or other folks who offer poor blogging advice because although they may have mastered a different niche they do not know blogging inside-out.

I see this happen often on the Warrior Forum. A new blogger asks for advice. Other amateur, inexperienced bloggers offer advice like “Just start a blog and post Adsense. Adsense is a good way to make money.”

Only the blogging brain dead would advise a new blogger to post Adsense on their blog. This like saying the best way to make money through TV advertising is to start your own local cable access channel with its 13 viewers.

The worst mistake you can make as a new blogger is to follow any advice OTHER THAN the advice of a professional, established, full time blogger. Because if you follow your own advice you will do things from a place of fear, and fail. If you follow the advice of amateur bloggers or anybody who doesn’t do blogging from a full time, established, professional space, you are doomed.

The Solution

Only follow the advice of pro bloggers who walk their talk.

Consider following these steps:

  • subscribe to top blogs in your niche
  • hire top bloggers to coach you
  • buy top blogger eBooks
  • buy top blogger courses

Seek out free and premium advice from folks who are where you want to be.

Follow Zac Johnson’s advice. Follow Darren Rowse’s advice. Pick 1-2 top bloggers in your niche. Learn from them.

Video Advice

Do you want a blogging tip that will hyper accelerate your blogging growth?

Take it from this established pro blogger; this uncomfortable to follow but powerful tip will put your blogging career into overdrive.

Watch me discuss from a crowded bus station in Yangon, Myanmar:


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