Happy Thoughts – A Professional WordPress Theme for Business

When it comes to the presence of your business, you have to have the best. Be it social media or a cool website. It helps you reach potential customers beyond the geographic barriers for crying out loud! And WordPress has helped millions of individuals and businesses in doing exactly that. You’ve got to have an impact on your potential client if you want to be taken seriously. ‘How?’, you ask; well visually of course. For that, you need a professional WordPress theme. CyberChimps’ Happy Thoughts is a complete package I tell you. It is a professional WordPress theme perfect for any agency/company to showcase their portfolio and achievements along with a WordPress blog.

Happy Thoughts – A professional WordPress theme for business websites


The Features:

  • 4 Exclusive Templates

The theme offers stunning and crisp templates for – About Us, Contact Us, Our Team, and Blog.

  • 20+ Customizable Page Elements

Use CyberChimps’ 20+ customizable page builder elements to create different pages with exclusive content about your business.

  • 100% Responsive and SEO Optimized

Happy Thoughts is designed to look flawless on any device. It is 100% responsive. The theme is SEO optimized hence it has your back for Google page ranking as well.

  • 2 Different Blog Layout Options

Choose to display your blog in a grid layout or show summarized blog posts with a sidebar. Your blog posts would stand out in either of the layouts. No doubts about it!

  • Easily Customize Typography & Fonts

Try out different combinations for the headings, content and navigation menu. Each of the headings (H1, H2, and H3) can be applied a different font. Choose from over 20 font options or use any Google Fonts of your choice to create a stunning combo of fonts.

  • CyberChimps’ Most Popular Drag-and-Drop Feature

The theme includes CyberChimps’ best drag & drop website builder feature. New to WordPress? Just drag and drop the page elements to set up your WordPress site. It takes less than 30 minutes to drag, drop and configure. Try it.

  • WordPress 4.7.5 Compatible

No worries about a broken site anymore. The theme is WordPress 4.7.5 compatible.

  • Maintenance Mode Option

Updating/making changes to your site? Just enable the maintenance mode from Theme Options > Design > Maintenance Mode. Need to show a custom message/image to your visitors? Upload a custom image for the Maintenance Mode page with a click.

Happy Thoughts Theme Options & Configuration

Happy Thoughts has really a simple and straightforward setup interface. Let’s have a look at the Theme Options:

  • Design: Enable/disable the maintenance mode. Customize the typography & font, configure the custom colors for various elements (Menu text color, link color, content color, etc). Also, add custom CSS code to your site.
  • Header: Set up the header section by configuring the logo, header image, social media icons and contact element. Choose to show either the logo + description or social icons + logo + search bar.
  • Blog: Configure and customize the blog section of your site. Add various drag and drop element to configure the default homepage of your site. Each element can be configured once you drag it into the Active Elements section. Display blog posts in the slider with navigation, showcase a product, and much more.
  • Templates: Customize the templates for single post view, archive, search page & 404 redirections of your WordPress blog.
  • Footer: Choose to display a customized footer containing 3 sections. Each of the 3 sections of the custom footer can be customized with any image and content. Background images for the footer can also be uploaded as per your choice. Also, enable/disable the CyberChimps’ credit link, edit the copyright text & add custom footer scripts.
  • Import/Export: Import previous backup theme settings. And export the theme settings for backups.
  • Add-ons: Happy Thoughts offers 2 optional add-ons – The Events Calendar plugin & Easy Digital Downloads. Use Events Calendar add-on to keep your clients updated about future business events.

Check out the demo of Happy Thoughts before you buy it

Installing Happy Thoughts

Upon activating the theme these menus will be added to your WordPress Dashboard Team, Carousel, Portfolio, Slides, Boxes, Showcase & Testimonial. Let’s have a look at these menus quickly:

  • Team Menu: Add unlimited team members along with their details for the Team element. Also, create categories for the team to be specified in the settings.
  • Carousel Menu: Create unlimited awesome carousels used in the Carousel element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the carousel to be specified in the settings.
  • Portfolio Menu: Create unlimited captivating portfolios that will be used in the Portfolio element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the portfolio to be specified in the settings.
  • Slides Menu:Create unlimited slides that will be used in the CyberChimps Slider element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the sliders to be specified in the settings.
  • Boxes Menu: Create unlimited boxes that will be used in the Boxes element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the boxes to be specified in the settings.
  • Showcase Menu: Create unlimited carousels that will be used in the Showcase element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the showcase to be specified in the settings.
  • Testimonial Menu: Create unlimited carousels that will be used in the Testimonial element found in the Theme Options -> Blog -> Drag & Drop section. Also, create categories for the testimonials to be specified in the settings.

Want to weave a captivating story about your business?

Let’s create an About Us page (as seen on the demo site) to narrate your professional/business journey using the various elements available in the Happy Thoughts Theme:

Step 1: Create a new About Us page. Set the page layout as full-width.

Step 2: Add the following elements –Callout Section, Company Profile, Our Views, and Testimonial. Just drag and drop the elements from the Inactive Elements section to Active Elements section.

Step 3: Configure each Active Elements. Choose to display the optional custom footer (Theme Options > Footer > Custom Footer Options) on the About Us page.

Step 4: Publish the page.

Now wasn’t that easy. You can also use the Happy Thoughts Theme Tutorial videos on YouTube by CyberChimps to get your site looking exactly like the demo site.

  • The Price:

Happy Thoughts theme would cost you $27/year. It can be used on unlimited websites forever. The theme is a part of the CyberChimps Club (which includes 53 themes & plugins). You can choose to buy all the CyberChimps themes & plugin for $67.00/year if you want to. The club includes 1-year access to downloads (all existing & future releases), updates and support and more goodies.

  • Final Thoughts:

The drag and drop elements make it absolutely easy to configure the theme for any niche. If you ask me Happy Thoughts will definitely leave you and your visitors with happy thoughts, literally! No matter what niche you choose for your business & blog, you can set up an uber cool website with this Happy Thoughts in under 30 minutes.

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