1 Most Critical Blogging Tool You Are Probably Unaware Of

You are probably totally unaware of the most critical blogging tool.

This one has nothing to do with a social sharing app or fancy WordPress plug in.

But if you neglect this blogging tool you will be in real trouble.

Watch this Facebook Live video as I explain:


I just enjoyed a large bowl of mixed vegetable green curry with tofu from our favorite Thai restaurant in New York City.

Healthy fare. Clean. Nutritious.

In an hour my wife Kelli and I will walk around Central Park for an hour or longer.

I exercise every single day because I know the most important blogging tool is the one you blog through: your body.

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or the ultra marathon runner who was our Uber driver earlier today. He runs 50 to 100 plus miles in epic marathons. All you need to do – after talking to your doctor – is to walk for 30 to 60 minutes daily.

You can do sit ups or push ups or even jog or maybe run 4-5 times weekly. But you need to do something to take care of your body. Because your body is the most critical blogging tool.


All that you do blogging-wise you do through your body. The work, the late nights, the early mornings, the long hours and the videos and podcasts and podcasts and guest posts and reviews, if you are unhealthy it will be difficult to have the energy to sustain your blogging journey.

Even if you have blogging success you can’t enjoy the success if you are living in an unhealthy body.

But there’s another critical factor at play here: when you are fit, energized and trim, you tend to tackle your fears more easily than if you were not fit.

You also add an irresistible, charismatic energy to your videos and podcasts if you exercise daily.

I for one know blogging icon Zac Johnson regularly plays basketball to have fun, to keep trim and fit.


Tony Robbins runs the equivalent of a marathon during short stretches to train himself for his 12 hour non-stop, dynamic speaking seminars. I spoke to a few folks who have seen Tony in action when I visited Savusavu, Fiji, where he owns the stunning Namale resort. These people said Tony typically takes *no breaks* during the 12 hour stretch, never sitting, nor even taking a bathroom break, while attendees stand in awe of his electric, shocking, overpowering positive energy and love.

Peep my video up top. Go ahead. The current day version of me does not generate Tony’s energy yet the power and juice that I put into my presentation makes for a different experience than my old, lifeless videos. I have always been in shape but the meeting of greater online confidence and clarity with my physical fitness helps my followers and readers feel and feed off of my energy.

Being physically fit fuels your blogging journey. If you are in shape, and persistently follow your passion, create helpful content and connect with other bloggers you will outshine 99% of other bloggers in your niche because few folks find that combustible, magnetic mix of having immense physical prowess and blogging know-how.

Practical Tips

  • talk to your doctor before starting an exercising campaign
  • walk daily if you don’t want to do the intense route
  • jog or run 3-5 times weekly
  • consider exercise you enjoy; basketball, soccer, boxing or martial arts are a few ideas
  • eat a balanced, nutritious diet to fuel your body effectively

I have written and self-published 126 eBooks. I also write 2-5 guest posts daily in addition to engaging in an aggressive blog commenting campaign. Taking care of my meat suit played a huge part in my online success because if I wasn’t fit I’d lack the stamina and energy to create such a volume of quality content.

Your Turn

Are you taking care of your body?

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