1 Tip to Avoid Being Weighed Down with Anchor-Like Blogging Outcomes

I used to hate looking at my email inbox.

After busting my blogging tail for days, weeks, or even months, I saw no money, no opt ins, little traffic and basically nothing for my blogging efforts.

Fast forward a number of years.

I care little about the outcomes of my work.


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I was so freaking afraid of running out of money, traffic, comments and pretty much all things in my life that I based my entire blogging campaign from the perspective of a loser. I am not being harsh on myself. I am saying that I used to do all I did, blogging-wise, with loss in mind.

Take right now: at 10 PM on a weeknight after a super busy blogging day, no way in Hades I would set aside 20 minutes to write this post, 5 years ago. I would see writing a post as a waste of time. Especially at this hour. Because I felt no matter what I did, I would lose. I’d lose money. I certainly would not earn profits on my work.

Worse than that, the very extra mile I needed to walk to build a successful blog was the mile I skipped. Since I viewed doing more as working too hard, or forcing things, or at a bare minimum, a silly use of my time. I could be watching TV. Or sleeping.

The fear-based mindset which dominated my being rested solely on my terrible, anchor-like attachment to outcomes. I would write a few posts. I would place a few guest posts. Comment on a few top blogs. For like 3-4 weeks.

Then when I checked blogging outcomes – profits, traffic, comments, social shares, etc – and saw little or zero progress I would crash and burn. I predominantly tried to *get*. My energy said *getting*.

Unfortunately, unless you predominantly try to give (with your energy saying “giving”) you will attach more heavily to outcomes, blog from a conditional space, fear failure, and ultimately, you will struggle terribly or you will flat out fall flat on your blogging face.

Being tied down by stats like traffic, blogging profits and comments holds you back from being the superstar, brilliant blogger you were meant to be.

Here’s what you do: feel the fear behind the attachment.

I got into blogging for the wrong reasons – predominantly – nearly a decade ago. I wanted to free myself through blogging but I was also in survival mode, seeing blogging as a meal ticket, trying to squeeze money through my blog.

I blogged mainly to see numbers in my bank account. When the numbers did not show up for months, or even, years, my attachment to the outcome grew stronger, as did my fears of running out, and as the numbers in my bank account dwindled, I lost hope.

Eventually, I was so freaking fed up with failing and with checking stats, feeling crushed, getting angry and flipping out I chose to feel the fear behind my heavy attachments to blogging outcomes so I could follow my fun.

I cried some. I got angry. But I eventually cleared many of these blogging related fears. So then I was free to blog mainly for fun, with love, which helped me detach more from outcomes. This also helped me become successful a bunch more quickly versus the old blogging me.

What blogging outcomes are you heavily attached to? Why?

Have you felt the fear behind these attachments?

What’s stopping you from admitting your attachments?

Are you blogging mainly for your passion? Or for profits?

Are you following your fun? Or avoiding your fears?

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