Why the Scattershot Approach to Pitching Guest Posts Does Not Work

I have been offered guest posts about candles.

On Blogging From Paradise.

I am not kidding. Although I wish I were. Someone once wrote an in-depth, detailed email pitch stressing how beneficial their guest post on candles would be if they placed said guest post on Blogging From Paradise. To make matters worse, they knew my name. And used it. They actually knew, fully well, that my blog was about how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. They knew that I offered practical blogging tips and inspired travel stories.

The individual spent 10 to 15 minutes crafting a pitch for me. Or perhaps they built a template and copy and pasted. Even so, kudos to them for making the pitch email personal.

Obviously, they were either brain dead for a moment or mired in fear.

Because there is absolutely, positively no way in Hades that someone who has seen my blog for more than 2.3 seconds would honestly believe that I would accept and place a guest post about candles.

A few months back someone pitched me on a guest post on how to land a job.


Again, I wish this was a joke. But alas, it was not. This person seriously, genuinely – again, using my name – pitched me, carefully taking the time to explain why I should place their guest post about how to land a job…..when my blog is about How To Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging!

I’m all about leaving your job. Not landing a job.

The big issue here is that the scattershot, “pitch ’em if they are breathing” approach to trying to land your guest posts is entirely unintelligent, and a complete waste of time. No thought goes into finding good matches between the guest post topic and blog niche topic.

Fear is the driver here; you fear losing readers so you try to land guest posts on blogs with big, engaged readerships. Even if you are attempting to place a guest post about candles on a blog about a guy who shares blogging tips from his tropical paradise of choice.

This fear forces you to suspend your logic, to abandon your judgment and blinds you from making smart, successful choices.

You may land 1 guest post in 500 using such an approach on a really, really crappy blog.

You will fail. Horribly. Nothing feels worse than wasting your time doing silly, failing stuff that perpetuates your struggles.

But there is a way out.

The Solutions

  • build friendships only with top bloggers from your blogging niche
  • comment on top blogs from your niche
  • promote top bloggers from your niche via social media and your blog

Some top bloggers will become your buddies. Some of these buddies will invite you to guest post. Sweet. No pitching.

Other top bloggers will become friends and when you ask them (it will not feel like a pitch) if you can submit a guest post to them more often than not these folks will accept your request because they are your friends and they know that you are both in the same blogging niche.

Be honest with yourself. You are probably making this mistake if you find yourself pitching guest post ideas to deaf ears.

You are likely straying too far outside of your niche. Use some leeway but don’t go bonkers, meaning, you can pitch to blogs a little outside of your niche but don’t make it a habit.

Example; established blogging tips bloggers can likely write and place a helpful, valuable internet marketing post to an internet marketing blog.

Just make sure that you have a match.


Watch me discuss how to land a guest post successfully in this video:

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