The Blogging Difference Maker

It’s 7:21 PM on a Sunday night.

I’ve been up since 8 AM, after 5 hours of sleep.

I went to my niece’s 1st birthday party a shortly after I woke. No work in the morning today. No afternoon work either.

After spending 7 hours at the party I’m writing and publishing this guest post.

I checked my email.

I recorded a Facebook Live video. I shared that video on The Huffington Post.

I commented on a few top blogs from my niche.

And here I am. Writing this post. Despite being busy as Hades today and pretty dang tired too.

What is the blogging difference maker?

Being the blogger you wish to become.

Hard Work? Heck No!

Being the blogger you wish to become has nothing to do with hard work. Water buffalo work hard. I watched them toiling in the rice fields of Vietnam. In 120 degree heat, pulling yokes, working like beasts, pushing, straining and forcing themselves with the whips of their farmer owners behind them.

Animals work hard. Animals have no choice.

Being the blogger you wish to become has nothing to do with mindless, sustained toiling.

But being the blogger you wish to become is the difference maker because it has all to do with diving into your fears persistently. Because the few bloggers who dive into their fears persistently stand out from the crowd.

Example; the old, scared blogging me would fear working too hard after a day in 94 degree heat at my niece’s birthday party. I shot hoops for a few hours too. Exhausted right now.

But the old me would have feared putting in blogging time after a draining day – fearing I’d get sick or burned out if I worked for a few hours tonight – so I’d watch TV or BS with Kelli for a bit, then do some reading and then I would probably hit the sack.

The new me learned that being the blogger you want to become involves:

  • blogging with love for fun
  • diving into your fears persistently
  • rendering useful service in the form of blog posts and products and services, even if you are super tired

This ain’t about working hard. It’s about having fun and spreading love even if you fear working or blogging, after a long day at a hot park. This is about persistently sharing value and making connections despite not feeling your best sometimes because the few who dive into their fears:

  • stick out like a sore thumb
  • appear to be all over the place
  • shine so brightly you cannot miss them

How do you think I appear to be everything in my niche? I published 2 more guest posts today – as I have done for almost, years – despite feeling super tired.

I am not pushing myself. I am being pulled by something bigger. My being. I am being led through fatigue and mental blocks by something far greater than any passing physical or mental state.

The Recipe for What I Do

My love of having fun through blogging and being free through blogging is something I developed stronger than my fears related to blogging, by dwelling on how much I have a passion for blogging, traveling and helping my readers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

The difference maker is not about pushing yourself; it’s about being pulled or led through your fears by being in the blogging game to have fun, to make friends, to spread love and to follow your passion.

This is how you become one of the few, inspired bloggers who makes everybody wonder how in the heck you do it.

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