How Do You Handle Plagiarism of Your Work?

I have seen countless bloggers complain about, fight and contest plagiarism.

Some bloggers even consider lawsuits if things get too out of control in their lives.

I have 1 piece of blogging advice from my 9 years of blogging experience.

After seeing apparent plagiarism of my blog, seeing versions of my eBooks being offered for free via different sites and seeing my guest posts used for blog content, with said bloggers bothering to give me credit via a simple blog link or note of my name, I can only offer this advice:

Politely email said offenders asking for credit and then let them go completely.

Genesis for this Post

A few minutes ago I received an email from a blogger who accepted and placed a guest post for me. On reading the post I found something weird; nowhere did he mention my name, blog or even link in to my blog. He literally took the post, published it under his name and then asked me to promote it.

Maybe it was an honest mistake. He seems to be a new blogger with a small following so he may have no idea how plagiarism works, or how guest posting works. So I politely emailed him, asked him to give me credit for the post and to link in to my blog and I let it go.

I do not care if he responds. I do not mind if he responds and says he will not give me credit. I released him. I surrendered him.

Here’s why: every single time I let go on the appearance of plagiarism I receive some form of good, almost instantly.

Example; a few minutes after I read this email, made the request and released the blogger I read another email from a blogger who is interested in a sponsored post. I have no idea if we are a match but that was a potential $500 – my sponsored post rate – that popped up in my email inbox because I let go the fear of loss, masked as the the appearance of plagiarism.

Question of Scale

When you have a small following online you may see 1 or 2 cases of plagiarism, and fight these apparent injustices. But as your following grows exponentially, your scale increases and it becomes impossible to fight instances of people appearing to steal your stuff. In addition, folks will use your content and take credit for it without you even being aware of it.

This comes with the territory.

If you don’t fear losing money or readers through plagiarism you gain more money and readers than you could ever dream of.

Energy Game

Blogging is an energy game. If you feel abundant despite the appearance of folks stealing from you, you will hurtle to the top of the blogosphere.

If you feel scared or angry or upset when folks appear to steal your content you will stay mired in failure, or average, ho hum, blogging mediocrity.

Be for:

  • helping
  • serving
  • generosity
  • profiting (even if folks appear to steal from you, we live in abundance)
  • assisting others
  • promoting others

Do not be against:

  • stealing
  • plagiarism
  • any appearance of loss

It is not easy to adopt this mindset. Almost every single blogger – even some pretty successful ones – fear their content being stolen, or plagiarized. If however you let go this fear you will tune into abundance, make a ton more money, make more prospering friendships, touch more lives, help more folks and live your blogging dreams.


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