3 Top Tools for Bloggers to Instantly Increase Lead Generation

When starting a new website or blog, one of the main areas of focus is usually on the content creation itself. While content is great, it’s often something many site owners spend way too much time and focus on. After all, with over a billion active websites on the internet today, that’s a whole lot of content already out there that you need to compete against.

With all of this in mind, content is key — but you also need to know how and where to maximize your time and effort. When creating content for your site, focus on a handful of really great articles that your audience will continually find value in, and also that you can always reference back to. These articles will be considered the core content of your site.

The reason why this approach is important is so you can focus on the overall growth of your site and build your mailing list. Some of the top sites on the internet only have a handful of articles, but they are top of the line content, which rank really well in the search results and get new traffic all the time. With this constant flow of new traffic coming to your site, it’s important that you have the right marketing tools and solutions in place to convert new audiences into mailing list subscribers or even paying customers.

To help you to optimize your lead capture processes, here are three recommended tools to instantly help bloggers increasing their mailing list and sign up conversions overnight.


Did you know that more than 70% of the people that come to your website for the first time will likely never return? It’s not because of your lack of content or the quality of your site, it’s simply a numbers game and there is way too much information out there for everyone to consume.

OptinMonster is a powerful software solution and WordPress plugin that makes the process of converting abandoning visitors into subscribers and real customers a dream come true. What originally started out as a simple popup window and subscribe form, has since transformed into one of the most advanced marketing and tracking plugins on the market today. With a built-in pop-up designer, targeted campaign tracking and easy to setup A/B split testing, OptinMonster has helped bloggers, brands, and businesses of all shows increase conversions and grow their reach to whole new levels.


Collecting emails and subscriber information is one thing. Putting in the time and effort to build out your own contact list of relevant sources, competitors, industry partners and others who can help scale your business… well, that’s a completely different story. However, those who are putting in the time and effort to build such relationships and spend time on marketing outreach, are also seeing much faster growth in terms of traffic and increased search rankings.

One tool that is making this process a whole lot easier, is MailShake. With content promotion, automation and cold emails now becoming more important for businesses and blogs of all sizes, MailShake has created a platform that is powerful enough for the largest brands in the world, yet also simple and affordable enough for beginner bloggers as well. All you need to get started is a Google account.

The features built within MailShake are quite advanced and work extremely well for anyone looking to invest in guest blogging, generating new leads, swapping reference links with other web sites and also performing mass PR pitches. The beauty of the software lies within its automatic follow-ups, sending controls, personalization and a backend platform that makes it easy for complete teams to manage.

Hello Bar

One of the first places your audience is going to look when they first get to your site is at the top of the page. All too often, this space is usually just for menus, header images or maybe even a logo.

To maximize the space at the top of your blog, while also increasing engagement in the process, why not give Hello Bar a try? This handy little tool will quickly install a top menu bar on your site that can be used as a call-to-action for users to click over to your best content or even to quickly collect emails and get new subscribers on your list. Hello Bar has also been used to help increase social activity on many of the top sites on the internet, as it’s actively in view for all users to see, yet not obtrusive enough to be annoying. With built-in A/B testing options, it’s a great idea to throw a few different call-to-actions and ad copies together and see which perform best with your audience.

Increase Conversions on Your Blog Today

As mentioned earlier, to find success in the world of blogging and online marketing, you need to be growing a mailing list. Content creation in itself will only get you so far. Try each of the recommended tools above and see which works best with your site and audience.

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