4 Words that Hamstring Your Blogging Success

I looked up and down my blog a few minutes ago.

I realized something; I quit on every single element of my blog at one time or another. Yep, even since I created Blogging From Paradise.

I stubbornly refused to build an email list. I ignored design changes I needed to make to grow my blog. I had a tough time building my products at first. I even struggled mightily to write eBooks at one time.

Top down, I struggled with every aspect of my blog. Seriously. But I had a good reason. A reason that may handcuff you and your blog. A reason that may hamstring your blogging success.

This reason resides in 4 painful words.

“I Tried That Already”

Build an email list? I tried that already on my old blog. Didn’t work. Then I built a list on Blogging From Paradise for a few weeks. I saw tepid results at best. So being the total dingbat that I was at the time, I ditched list-building. Shouldn’t I have known better? Yeah. But I am human. I tried that already.

Ditto for my blog design. I had a sweet, simple, clean design but it lacked branding. My web developer totally revamped my design. Had it all lined up for me. Brilliant design, really. Yet being a silly guy I tried that already, design-wise, with the spruced up design on my old blog. I had some success with my old blog. But not enough success. I tried the fancy theme thingee already. Didn’t work too well. Not only that. Changing my theme could really screw up my design, or, break my blog.

All my delayed success resided in “I tried that already.” All of your delayed success usually resides in “I tried that already.”

These 4  words are a fear-based, impatient, excuse-ridden limiting belief that reeks of amateurism. Instead of giving list-building, guest posting, blog commenting and posting on your blog months or years of effort, you give it a shot for a few weeks. Then when you feel bored with the strategy, or claim that it does not work (due to your impatience and lack of persistence) you say “I tried that already”, quit on proven successful blogging strategies, quit doing what works, and fail miserably.

The Solution

I tried = lack of commitment.

Already = impatience; a length of time spanning days or weeks versus months or years.

These fear-based, all too common drivers to get before you give are common in new or struggling bloggers. The solution is to own this impatient, sometimes greedy, other times completely delusional problem. Gotta own it to be free of it. Take it from a formerly delusional blogger.

The solution to this limiting belief: understanding that building a full time income through blogging takes doing the right things, for the right reasons, for years.

Guest posting takes time. Blog commenting takes time. Seeing results from your shiny new, branded theme takes time. Solving specific problems on your blog takes time. Seeing success from all these proven blogging tactics takes time. Promoting other bloggers to build your friend network takes time.

Be patient. Be persistent.

Before you ditch proven, effective blogging strategies because you believe that you tried that already you better get serious about being patiently persistent in applying proven, profitable strategies.

Offer immense value. Help people. Think in *year long* time frames, for working strategies, not week or month long time frames.

Watch me discuss via this Facebook Live video:


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