1 Glaring Mistake Suffered by Bloggers Related to Income Streams

Blogging never made anyone rich.

Affiliate marketing never made anyone a cent.

My blog consulting business never earned me a penny. My freelance writing business never earned me a cent.

Before you think I didn’t get enough sleep last night or perhaps I am due an early evening coffee, bear with me.

Glaring Mistake Related to Blogging Income Streams

I answer hundreds of questions weekly between Quora and the Warrior Forum. The most common question consists of internet marketers and bloggers asking how they can make money through certain online streams. Even more common? Folks take to these sites to ask which niche or income stream or online business makes the most money.

This is the biggest, most damaging, killer blogging mistake when it comes to making money through your blog. Because no online business makes you money. Blogging is an inanimate activity. Affiliate marketing, in and of itself, is inanimate. Lifeless. Worthless.

So no inanimate, lifeless, worthless income stream can ever make you money. Not any more than your money can summon itself to sprint into your mortgage payments.

Struggling bloggers tend to see the income stream as both the source of their wealth and the driving force behind making money online. Which is why so many bloggers struggle horribly to make money through their blogs.

What *actually* makes money online?

Your Skills Make Money Online

My blog is worthless, in and of itself.

But the skills I developed over the past 9 years make my blog sing. Writing 1000 words daily – and up to 20,000 words daily when I went on a beserk eBook writing tear a while back – and practicing my networking skills helped me make money through my blog.

I decided to practice writing daily. As my writing skills improved I landed freelance writing clients. As my writing skills improved I wrote and self-published more eBooks which helped me earn commission payments and payments through my Amazon Associates account.

I wrote. I developed skills. I made money online.

My Amazon Associates account did not make money online. I did. Or, the skills I developed were the money maker.

So many lost, fear-filled or flat out lazy marketers and bloggers look outside of themselves to inanimate objects to pad their bank accounts when only the skills they need to develop over months and years and beyond, can pad their bank accounts.

Never blame the tools. Blame the craftsman. Blame the craftswoman. Blame yourself. Work smarter. Work more persistently. Develop your blogging skills, develop your writing skills and in time, the money will come.

How to Develop Your Skills

  • write 1000 words daily in a Word document and trash the document after you are done, to detach from your writing
  • develop your networking skills by commenting on top blogs and by promoting other bloggers
  • work on your mindset for at least 20 minutes on waking by either meditating or building a gratitude list
  • learn from the most successful bloggers in your niche how to regularly develop your skills
  • invest in premium courses and services to remain sharp

Money flows to the skilled determined blogger.

Remember this before you ask which niche is hot or what income stream is the best for making money through your blog.

Are You Being a Professional Blogger?

To become a pro blogger you will need to invest in developing your skill set while you’re practicing.

I filmed a video in Qatar discussing what it takes to become a pro blogger.


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