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Niche specific themes are known to bring better conversion and deliver better user experience than themes ready for general niches.

Market Pro is one such niche specific theme, available at StudioPress store. It’s specifically designed to set up a fully functional website for niches selling or talking about Flowers, Vegetables, or any other farming related products.

If you’re all set to start a shop or a blog, sharing information about organic products, then Market Pro is among the matching themes. But, is it good for the price? Let’s find out!

Market Pro Theme Review

Market Pro Theme Review

Before making a decision, I’ll recommend you to go through following the detailed review. Also, Market Pro is not a StudioPress product. It’s developed by a third-party developer, Restored 316 Designs and is supported by the same.

Highlight Features

  • The theme has specific design layouts available like Blog, Archive, Category Index, Shop, and Landing Page.
  • It uses HTML5 markup to keep things modern and compatible with the modern web-browsers.
  • Mobile responsiveness is taken care of to ensure proper functionality of the website on smartphones and tablets.
  • A bunch of layout options are available which are one-click away from picking and setup. Thanks to the available Theme Options Panel inside.
  • The homepage can be customized using Widgets, as it can fit in up to 9 different Widgets.
  • The theme also supports Live Customizer which is packed in default WordPress setup.

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In the case of Genesis powered themes, the number of features is always less. Or I would say, features are specific to the niche. But, there are many small-scale features packed inside which makes the overall deal a good one to bet on. Let’s focus on them now!

SEO and Performance

After using more than 50+ themes from dozens of known WordPress developers, I can say that there is no theme made so far, which doesn’t need a third-party SEO plugin.

The same case is with Market Pro, as it’s recommended to use plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO, or any other. However, the basic set of SEO functionalities is well-coded inside the theme itself. Ensuring proper compatibility with the modern SEO norms, third-party plugins or anything new which comes up in the near future.

This SEO integration in the theme helps the content to stand out and rank on better SERPs. If you’ve even the basic idea of digital marketing, then you understand the importance of SEO.

As we’re discussing all these things in 2017, the performance of a website is really important. A website should be responsive to have proper functionality on smartphones and it should be fast enough to maintain the user experience.

Setup a website with Market Pro theme and add a good cache plugin. This combination is good enough to deliver fast performance unless the hosting server is of a poor standard.

From theme’s perspective, both SEO and Performance parts are rock solid.


To be fair, I didn’t like the design of this product in the first instance. The use of color scheme looked ugly to me. Later when I invested more time in it, I realised it’s a niche specific theme, and in that case, the color scheme and UI makes sense. Yes, totally!

The theme has a magazine styled UI with proper focus on Call to Action areas, blog entries and even on the featured products available in the shop.

Market Pro Theme Review1

The Header and Footer areas are customizable and the primary navigation is sticky to follow the user till the end. It can even showcase the Instagram posts on the homepage itself, which can do wonders when it comes to driving conversions in this specific niche.

The designers behind have made good use of available real estate, keeping certain elements to use full-width. Overall, it’s a good looking theme for the specific niches I mentioned earlier.

Genesis Framework

Market Pro is not a primary theme. Rather, it’s a Child theme which requires a Parent theme to function properly. Genesis is the parent theme in this case which one can also refer as a framework for the setup. If you’d like to see other themes than can be used on their own (outside of the StudioPress platform), be sure to scan through our WordPress Themes category.

Going with the definition of the word, Framework, Genesis offers plenty of features and provides a rigid base to the complete theme. If you ask about the best product StudioPress developers ever coded, then Genesis will be everyone’s top choice.

Most of the features we’ve discussed so far, except the design part, are handled by the framework. For example, Genesis is very lightweight in itself, keeping lesser weight on the server which helps in achieving a faster performance.

Market Pro Theme Review2

And, as I’ve already explained, a good performance works as an SEO factor. So, it’s all connected for the better cause and to achieve the big picture, which is, to have a clutter free user experience.

Coming at the learning side, it’s damn easy to learn operating Genesis framework. The options available inside are properly labeled. In fact, there are hardly any useless features available inside, which helps in keeping the framework simple and lightweight.

However, one can debate that Genesis misses out many required functionalities which are available in other WordPress frameworks. But, the sole purpose of achieving simplicity is what Genesis aims for.

Just for a fact, the missing functionalities can be added using third-party plugins. You can find hundreds of them which support the framework.

Being one of the oldest frameworks in the WordPress realm, you can easily find good communities to get support. StudioPress official support is always available if you’re not able to get specific help.

Over to You

As usual, it’s you who has to make the final call. In my opinion, Market Pro theme is overpriced! But, that’s the case with all products available at StudioPress catalog!

If you want to look at alternatives then comment below the specific requirements and I’ll come up with a couple of suggestions.

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