3 Ways to Appear to Be all over the Place Online

“Ryan, do you sleep?”

I get asked this question frequently these days.

Between my guest posting, blog commenting and forum blitz I have created the illusion of being in a bunch of places at once in the blogging tips niche.

Rest assured it is an illusion. I am no demi-god. Nor do I work myself to the bone. I get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. I promise.

I am really good at leveraging my presence though.

Even if I am in the remote jungles of Costa Rica – as I was above – or in New York City, as I am now, I have developed a system for being omnipresent in my niche.

If you’re having a tough time expanding your presence you probably make the common mistake of spending most of your time on your blog and little time on other sites. I flip that; I spend most of my day offsite to appear to be all over the place.

As for the benefits of being everywhere you will increase all positive blog metrics, from traffic to profits, when you create the illusion of being all over the place in your niche. Readers will get familiar with you, trust you and buy in.

Follow these tips to be everywhere in your niche.

1: Guest Post on Top Blogs

Guest posting is my favorite way to enchant readers into thinking I am omnipresent. It is an easy way to be everywhere too.

Example; at certain points I am published on 3-4 top blogs from either blogging or marketing niches in addition to other high profile blogs from similar niches. If everywhere you turn you see the name “Ryan Biddulph” you may question if I sleep or not, or how I found the 25th hour.

All I did was leverage my presence by sharing value and helping audiences which in some cases are bigger than my 60,000 reader community at Blogging From Paradise.

Write 1,000 words a day in a Word document for practice. Gain confidence and clarity in your writing. Place guest posts on top blogs from your niche. Either through pitching top bloggers or better yet, by commenting on top blogs, promoting top bloggers, building friendships and gaining invites from top bloggers.

2: Comment on Top Blogs

Write 3 to 5 paragraph, helpful comments on top blogs from your niche. Think more like writing a mini guest post and less like publishing a quick, brief comment.

Personalize all comments. Sign off with your name. Thank bloggers for sharing their thoughts. If you want to make an impact spend at least 5 minutes crafting a comment before you publish the content.

I may appear to be omnipresent but I just comment extensively on top blogs from the blogging tips niche regularly. If you see me on Pro Blogger, Smart Blogger and Blogging Tips posting a 3 or 4 paragraph, in-depth comment I will probably be on your mind the next time you see my blog or one of my guest posts.

Blog commenting is an easy way to create the illusion of being everywhere because of few barriers to publishing and because most top blogs allow commenting. Take advantage of this fact. Blog comment to be all over the place.

3: Be Active in Niche Specific Forums

Be an active contributor on sites like the Warrior Forum. Answer questions. Share your industry knowledge. Add value.

High levels of traffic flow through these forums daily. Appear to be all over the place in your niche by helping individuals in high traffic areas.

Answer questions related to your niche on Quora for a traffic boost. This popular Q and A site attracts users from all over the globe asking questions on a wide variety of topics.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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