1 Tip to Help You Move Up in Blogging Circles

I addressed one pressing problem in a recent Facebook Live video.

This problem holds back a bunch of aspiring bloggers. Some veteran bloggers who struggle like heck are also not addressing this damaging mistake.

If you like to watch a guy talk with a bunch of his paperbacks over his shoulder hit the “play” button and enjoy.

The Problem

I spent yesterday morning traipsing around between travel blogs. Many were new travel blogs. Some were establish travel blogs. Some were top level, well known travel blogs. Most blogs I came across had 1 glaring problem: slow load times.

A few blogs loaded painfully slowly. I spent 5 minutes reading posts, writing comments and tweeting said posts and the darn things were still loading.

If you are having a terrible time lowering your bounce rate this is likely a root cause. At best, patient readers may stick around for a few minutes to see what you offer. At worst, new or even established, return readers will eventually head for the hills after 5, 10 or 30 seconds of waiting for your blog to load.

In today’s microwave culture there is the quick and the dead when it comes to your blog load time.

Either your blog loads quickly or your blog dies.

Don’t worry; the solution to your blog load time woes is really easy. It requires no work on your part. But it does require a financial investment, as would any respectable offline business.

The Tip to Move Up in Blogging Circles

You can quickly move up in blogging circles by addressing this pressing problem.

By maintaining a lightning fast blog you can:

  • impress readers
  • keep readers around to enjoy your content, to comment on your posts and to share your posts
  • inspire readers to hire you or to buy your products and eBooks

Of course, the trick is learning how to speed up your blog from a snail’s pace load time to a “roadrunner guzzling Red Bull” load time. But that is easy. No trickery is required on your part.

Just a 2 step process:

  • invest in premium hosting
  • invest in a CDN

Pay $10 or $20 monthly – or more – for premium hosting.

Stop paying $3 to $5 monthly for low quality, poor hosting. In many cases, you get what you pay for.

Why do you think these hosting companies charge such cheap rates? They overload servers, cramming as many websites as possible onto limited resources. This ensures poor load times and poor up times too.

If you pay a premium by choosing a reputable company and solid hosting package that meets your traffic needs you will speed up your blog significantly.

As you add more images and content though you will need an extra boost to keep your blog lightning fast despite all the content you are hosting.

Enter a CDN.

By purchasing a CDN the heavy, slow loading images that can bog down your blog are stored on a remote server. Since the images are no longer stored on your domain server this speeds up your blog really quickly.

The Difference Maker

Running with the blogging big dawgs requires you to convey a professional brand. You cannot impress top shelf, experienced pro bloggers and influence them to feature you on authority blogs if you have a slow loading blog. But if you run a lightning fast blog you can differentiate yourself from other skilled bloggers who project a less professional image because they cheaped out on hosting and on buying a CDN.

Your Turn

Does your blog load quickly?

How can you speed up your blog?

What tips can you add to this list?

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