4 Signs You’re on the Way to Becoming a Superstar Blogger

I just spent Sunday afternoon out with friends in New York City.

Being a full time, professional blogger has helped me travel the world for the past 6 years.

I cannot imagine living any different way.

I may not be a superstar blogger – and even if folks saw me that way, I’d still see myself as “little old me” –  but I have studied enough stars like Zac Johnson (standing next to me in the picture above), John Chow and Pat Flynn to understand how top level pros simply do things differently than the rest.

I have created a pretty cool life for myself and have inspired many of my readers to do the same, as I have lived in:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Qatar
  • Cambodia
  • Nicaragua
  • Cyprus
  • Turkey

for months at a time, all through my professional blogging earnings.

On the heels of yesterday’s post I want to explain how you can position yourself to be a rocking, top shelf blogger in your niche.

1: You Dive into Your Fears Regularly

My #1 piece of advice for aspiring pro bloggers: dive into your deepest fears on a regular basis. Not once a year. Not a few times a year. Not once every 5 years. Dive into your fears on a daily basis. Doing so accelerates your blogging growth at a breakneck pace.

I made this my #1 mantra. I dive into fears around guest posting, blog commenting and selling to my list and following every single day.

This is not easy or comfortable but doing so helped me boost my blogging traffic and profits fast.

All of your dreams lie beyond your fears. Knife into your blogging fears.

Write your first blog post. Write your first guest post. Write and self-publish your first eBook. Create your first product. Buy your domain and hosting. Start your coaching business. Start your freelance writing business.

Whatever you fear doing, do it, to both grow like a weed and to position yourself to become a big dawg blogger.

2: You Are Growing Your Email List Quickly

Growing your email list at a rapid pace is almost always consistent with budding superstar bloggers.

The top bloggers from any niche usually grow large, targeted lists of eager subscribers.

Make list building the cornerstone of your blogging campaign. Build a big, targeted list so you have:

  • profits
  • traffic
  • comments
  • social shares

on demand.

I recently added over 100 subscribers to my list quickly by using a pop up and by moving my opt in form above the fold.

3: You are Guest Posting like a Machine

Star bloggers guest post all over the place.

I write and publish 10 to 30 guest posts weekly after receiving a kick in the pants from my intuition.

I had lunch with Zac Johnson last year and he told me how he published 14 guest posts or more weekly to build relationships and links. That was a good enough reason for me to get on the guest posting bandwagon.

Guest posting expands your reach ridiculously quickly. It is the simplest form of leveraging for any blogger.

I may only address my community of 60,000 plus Blogging From Paradise fans and readers but placing a guest post on Pro Blogger means I access a 300,000 member community base.

Guest post. Expand your online presence stupid fast. Position yourself to become a superstar blogger.

4: Everyday You’re Meeting New People

The old me stay firmly inside of my comfort zone. I rarely met new folks daily.

Now I comment on 5 to 10 new blogs every single day via Twitter or other online channels.

Superstar bloggers continually meet new, fresh bloggers on a daily basis. This is how to create a buzz around your brand. This is how to expand your reach exponentially. Never get lulled into your comfort zone by keeping the same friend circle. Meet new people. Daily. Press the cyber flesh to reach into the blogging stratosphere.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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