3 Ways Bloggers Can Save Money with Groupon Coupons

In the world of blogging, stretching your money as far as it can go is always important. The same is true with everything we buy in both life and businesses… if you have the opportunity to register a flight ticket for $500 or $750, which would you go with? Of course, you would want to save money wherever possible.

Not only has the internet made it easier for anyone to start a business through blogging or online marketing, it’s also made it a whole lot easier to save money when shopping for pretty much anything. One company that has done this better than anyone, is Groupon. Not only are they already installed as an application on many of our mobile devices, they also have coupons online for many websites and brands we shop from on a daily basis.

With all of this in mind, I thought it would make for a great resource to remind all of the content creators, entrepreneurs and bloggers out there about some of the best ways to save money through their site. Whether it’s registering a domain name, setting up web hosting, ordering business cards or even getting your hands on some of the latest tutorials and video training material… Groupon has a relevant coupon on their site.

Need a new domain name or hosting?

If you don’t already have a website or blog, it’s likely you are simply in the decision process of what direction to go. Even if you do already have a site, you probably have thought about registering another domain name or setting up another hosting account elsewhere. In either case, Groupon has you covered with their GoDaddy coupons. Some of the latest promotions on their site include 93% off domains, making them only .99 cent each. 30% off new items and services offered through GoDaddy and also up to 50% hosting plans.

How about some business cards for your blog?

Even with websites and blogs getting the majority of their traffic from search engines and social media, it’s still kind of cool to have a physical business card with your name and blog address on it. These come in handy whenever you might be out talking to friends or family and want to get people to visit your site. It’s easy to forget a conversation with someone, but when you have a business card in your pocket, it’s a clear reminder to visit your site. If you have a blog or online business that is making money, a business card is definitely a requirement for continued success.

The big difference between business cards and printing services of today and years ago is that the costs and production process is much cheaper. Gone are the days when you need to hire a graphic design and pay a local printing company an arm and a leg to get 100 business cards printed. This can clearly be seen through the Vistaprint coupons currently available on Groupon, which features coupons for 40-50% business cards and printing services on their site. It’s never been cheaper and easier to get business cards printed up for your blog or business.. so what are you waiting for?

Improve your blog and marketing with an online video course!

Once you have a domain name, some fancy and business cards and your blog full of content, it’s time to start thinking about how you can really start scaling this thing out. Unfortunately, blogging can be a very slow process, especially if you are just starting out and trying to learn everything else yourself. The good news is that there are plenty of resources, tools, and online videos to help with this process.

One of the best sites for learning how to do anything is Udemy, which Groupon has plenty of coupons on. Most of the courses on Udemy are already discounted, but once you start looking through what Groupon has to offer, you will find promotions ranging from 40%+ off, which makes the price of accessing any of these courses very affordable. If you are looking to get serious with your blogging efforts, I highly recommend checking out what Udemy has to offer.

Never Pay Full Price for Your Blogging Materials Again

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are plenty of moving parts and components to creating a successful blog. Instead of jumping the gun and paying retail price for your next WordPress theme, domain name or hosting… be sure to spend some time to look for money-saving coupons online. If you visit any website or e-commerce store and see a “coupon code” field on the checkout form, it’s likely that you will be able to find some coupons online. Good luck and don’t forget us the next time you save some money online!

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