1 Way to Land More Guest Posts that Most Bloggers Ignore

I filmed a video this morning underscoring one of the stranger things bloggers do. Or, what they don’t do.

Most bloggers ignore this simple, practical tip, the best way to land more guest posts on all types of blogs.

This powerful tip is pretty much completely overlooked by bloggers who create guest posts, eBooks and courses teaching folks how to place guest posts. All the pitch emails, relationship building advice and blog post tailoring – to fit a specific niche and blog – are beyond critical. I am not saying this stuff isn’t important but in the same breath you better not ignore this simple, proven tip to land guest posts.

Practice Writing!

Open a Word document. Write 1000 words. Every day. Do not let the clock strike midnight without you writing these 1,000 words for practice.

After hitting your daily word count trash the document. Throw it out. In the cyber garbage. This trashing practice helps you detach from your writing, a fine art to develop if you want to become a skilled, prolific writer.

Crafty Bloggers but Poor Writers

Some bloggers are crafty. Like a fox. These gals and guys are good at getting into inboxes of some influential bloggers.

The crafty blogging crowd writes persuasive, clever, inspiring emails stressing the benefits of the guest post they intend to pitch.

All may be good up until that point but when the influential blogger reads the aspiring guest poster’s writing work they may cringe. Things go South. Quickly.

You need to be a skilled writer to land guest post opportunities. Even if you pitch effectively. Even if you have built a huge network of loyal, supportive friends. You need to be a good writer, able to move a crowd, if you want to place guest posts consistently on blogs.

Why this Strategy Works

This strategy works because if you practice writing you become a better writer.

Practice any skill. You become adept in that area.

Writing 1,000 words daily:

  • gives you clarity in your writing
  • makes you a confident writer
  • adds crispness to your writing

Look at any professional in their niche of choice. These individuals practice their skills daily for many years before becoming a known commodity in their niche.

Top shelf professional athletes put in tens of thousands of hours to become highly successful and world renowned.

I followed high school basketball in New Jersey before I became a globe trotting pro blogger. Current superstar guard Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers was a relatively unknown high school basketball player as a sophomore. By his junior year he received more exposure but would spend countless hours in the gym honing his craft, practicing every day, at St. Patrick’s high school. I saw how much time and effort the kid put in personally.

He became one of the best guards on the face of the earth at such a young age – he is only 25 years old – because he estimated he put in over 10,000 hours of practice as a teenager. It makes perfect sense he’d be perhaps the most skilled point guard in the world even as a young player.

Why Do Bloggers Ignore this Simple Tip?

Because it takes work!

Writing daily is not easy. Writing daily can be difficult sometimes. But bloggers who practice writing every single day find their own voice and distance themselves from the blogging herd.

These skilled, inspired bloggers land more guest posts on top blogs, drive more traffic and boost their blogging profits by simply writing more than the other gal or guy.

The Video

Watch me discuss from the Upper West Side of New York City:


Your Turn

Are you following this tip?

How frequently do you write just for practice?

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