How to Create So Much Helpful Blog Content It Makes People’s Heads Spin

It seems incredibly hard to become prolific until you follow a few simple steps.

All the blog traffic and profits you crave flow your way if you churn out helpful content regularly.

Being prolific feels challenging at first. Raising the content creation bar seems intimidating and even overwhelming if you lead a busy life. But if you decide to create content regularly – despite your ego objections – you can create enough helpful content to make folk’s head spin.

Follow these tips to publish content prolifically.

1: Be an Observer

Before you can create content at a breakneck pace, learn to watch.

Be an observer. Watch. Learn.

Content is solution-based. Spot problems (tip #2) and craft solutions persistently.

Spotting problems is an art form. It all starts with being an observer so you see and mine problems that can be solved through your blog posts.


Spend the next 30 minutes doing nothing but observing problems of folks from your niche. Trawl niche specific forums. Read comments on top blogs. Watch. Observe. Record.

2: Be a Problem Solver

Solve problems. Create content more easily.

All pieces of content are geared toward solving specific problems. If you want to be prolific spot problems quickly.

Example; a few minutes ago I read of a blogger complaining about writer’s block. I immediately seized the problem and solved it through this blog post.

You may be having a difficult time coming up with blog post ideas but the root of your struggles is an inability to spot and solve problems quickly. Condition yourself to spot problems in your niche. Observe pain points. Tailor solutions via forms of content, whether the content be blog posts, videos or podcasts.

Be a content creating machine by spotting problems quickly.

3: Hang with Prolific People

Surround yourself with prolific bloggers. Feed off of their creative, inspired energy.

If you always seem to slam into writer’s block lose non prolific blogging buddies to make room for creative dynamos. You will learn how to become a content creating machine from these successes.

4: Write in Quiet

Write in quiet.

Writing in silence allows the words to flow freely and easily.

Writing in a hectic, noisy environment distracts you from the work at hand. Even if you enjoy listening to music while writing your attention still gets divided in 2 different directions. Some goes to listening to music. Some goes to writing.

If you want to become incredibly prolific just write in quiet.

5: Know Why

Know why you want to become a prolific blogger.

Tie the reason to something fun and freeing.

Fear is the only thing holding you back from being prolific. An intense fear of seeing your guest post rejected, or of seeing your blog post published for a chorus of crickets. Nothing seems worse then feeling like you wasted your time creating content.

If however your love of fun and freedom grows stronger than your deepest writing-related fears you will become prolific.

Write out on a piece of paper why you are blogging. Dig deep to find fun, freeing drivers. You will become hyper prolific if your love of writing for fun and freedom supersedes your deepest writing-related fears.

6: Stick to What You Know

I stick to the blogging tips niche. I know the blogging tips niche. No sense venturing out of the blogging tips niche – save a few travel-themed posts here and there – because doing so makes me less prolific. No need trying to learn a new skill set when the current one works fine.

If you are struggling to create content but know a niche inside out, stick to what you know. Cover your niche. Be a master of one. Not a jack of all trades.


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