7 Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Use Infographic Marketing

Many bloggers into content marketing usually just publish blog posts filled with text and a few images. Some add videos, podcasts, and quizzes to their marketing. But there is something else they can do to get more out of the content they publish online – and that is to use infographic marketing.

Infographics are visual content, like images, presenting data, ideas, procedures or statistics in a visual format usually in 800 to 1000 pixel wide graphics with the length being longer.

Below are 7 reasons to include them as part of your content marketing strategy going forward.

1 – Infographics can be used to repurpose content

Much like bloggers create and upload PowerPoint presentations to Slideshare that are inspired by their already published blog posts, infographics too can be used to present the same content published in your blog in other formats – in this case infographics – that can be uploaded to infographic directories for more exposure.

If you already have some popular posts, it is time to create infographics that share what’s in those articles. Share the infographics on other sites but also make sure to embed them in your posts with similar content.

2 – Infographics can be used to attract links from high authority websites

After you have created a well-looking infographic and reached out to people in your niche to help you promote it and more bloggers start sharing it on their own blogs, you are likely to get great dofollow links.

Yes, the link in the HTML embed code may be nofollow – passing no juice to boost your blog’s rankings – but some of the bloggers who share infographics also often link back to the post in your blog containing the infographic in the introductory paragraph.

Doing a few quality infographics a year can land you these great links that will help your posts and your whole site climb higher in search.

3 – Infographics can get you lots of targeted traffic

You know the kinds that enjoy what your blog is about – and spend more time checking more of your stuff – sometimes even subscribing to your email list? Yes, that kind of traffic.

When done well, the infographics will attract readers from other sites back to your site – which is a great way to do lead generation for you business, blog or niche site.

4 – Infographics are a great way to share statistics

You often hear how a picture is worth a 1000 words. The brain easily recognizes and processes visual content. This is why infographics are great for sharing information, data or statistics.

As a blogger, you can use them to share stats targeted at those operating in a particular niche.

The content in infographics is usually concise and easy to consume – and if inspired by one of your blog posts – can be a great way to get people who view them to see more of the stats you share in your long form content e.g. articles or podcasts.

5 – Infographics can go viral

If you promote them well, reach out to influencers in a niche you are targeting, pin them on Pinterest, they’re likely to be seen by lots of people – who in turn will reference them, bringing you even more traffic your way.

6 – They are easy to create

With even basic design skills and tools like Canva or PicMonkey, you can create your own infographics as a blogger – quality content that gets shared. Or you can outsource this task to a freelancer on sites like UpWork.

7 – They get shared a lot

Well-created and promoted infographics get shared on other blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, directories and Twitter netting you even more visitors interested in the topics you cover on your blog.

Now it’s time to plan on including them in your content marketing strategy, learn along the way and reap the benefits from your efforts.

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