4 Reasons to Write an eBook for Your Blog

Gone are the days of going the traditional publishing house route to ship a book.

You can self-publish eBooks – and convert to paperback – via various digital storefronts.

I built a large library of eBooks to help my readers retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

You may want to dive into the eBook self-publishing game but feel intimidated by the process.

I was in your shoes 3 short years ago. Writing and self-publishing an entire eBook terrified me. From outlining the piece, to writing it to formatting the eBook I had no idea where to start.

3 years later I have written 126 eBooks that augment my passive blogging income.

If you are excited to add a passive income stream to your blog and want to build your authority follow these 4 tips.

1: Add a Passive Income Stream

The #1 reason to add an eBook to your blog is to establish a passive income stream.

I wrote and self-published 124 eBooks on Amazon. I also offer 2 eBooks through Selz. These 126 eBooks yield:

  • passive cash flow on a month basis (Amazon)
  • passive cash flow on a weekly basis (Selz)

Establishing passive income streams helps you to create a fun, freeing lifestyle. You can’t trade time for hours and expect to travel the world through your blog. Successful bloggers tend to go heavy on the passive income side of things to detach themselves from their online real estate.

Sell eBooks on Amazon. Earn passive income around the clock from a worldwide audience.

2: Build Your Authority

Writing eBooks builds your authority quickly.

If you have the “know-how” to write an eBook you can command the respect of your target audience.

Create an eBook to:

  • establish your expertise
  • gain the trust of your audience
  • impress readers

Author bloggers distance themselves from the blogging crowd with eBooks in their arsenal. Nothing says that you know a topic inside-out than creating an eBook on said topic. Maybe you won’t go on eBook tours but if you have an eBook or two associated with your blog and brand you can make a greater impact on your readership.

3: Increase Brand Awareness

Amazon is the Google of digital storefronts.

Self-publishing eBooks on the network gives you access to a global audience. Even better? Writing, self-publishing and giving away an eBook for 1-5 days increases your brand awareness like few other practices.

Depending on the push of your free promotional blitz expect hundreds to thousands of eBook downloads during the free window. This means hundreds to thousands of potential readers will be exposed to your blog, many of which are new readers.

Link to your blog at the end of the eBook. Grow your email list. Boost brand awareness.

4: Create Opt-in Bait

If you need to grow your email list writing eBooks can give you powerful opt-in bait to do so.

Most blog readers love signing up for a valuable, comprehensive free eBook giveaway. Write it. Serve it up. Just make sure the topic aligns fully with your blogging niche to optimize your opt-ins.

Since everybody loves a freebie you can grow a huge list – and increase your blog’s monetizing potential – by writing and giving away a free, valuable, thorough eBook to goad readers to subscribe to your list.


Me and my friend Donna Merrill discuss why you should write and sell eBooks during this interview.

If you are on the eBook self-publishing fence this video can give you a nudge in the right direction.


Your Turn

Are you writing and self-publishing eBooks for your blog?


Why not?

What reasons can you add to this list?

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