1 Weird Money Limiting Belief that Holds Back Your Blogging Profits

Earlier today I read a comment from a blogger.

Said comment exposed a common, damaging limiting belief that holds back blogging profits.

The blogger explained how they had not made much money through their blog. But this was okay. Because they would rather blog in their authentic voice, from a genuine space, versus being dishonest and making money.

The limiting belief: if you are an honest blogger you won’t make money through blogging. Or if you want to make money blogging you cannot be honest, authentic and genuine.

The Irony

You actually make more money by being transparent, authentic and genuine. It’s not the other way around.

The mislead blogger clung to the idea that you can either make a ton of money blogging by being inauthentic or you can be authentic and not make a dime. This limiting belief is usually acquired during childhood, when fearful folks drill into your mind that honest people are generally broke people and that wealthy people are dishonest, less than scrupulous individuals.

Spider-Man and Blogging

I recall watching the first Spider-Man movie many years ago. During one scene a character says to another, “I may not be rich, but at least I’m honest.”

The poisonous, untrue, money-blocking inference is that you need to be dishonest to make money. Or that only crooks get rich.

This is a lie.

But unfortunately, many bloggers hold to this same limiting belief and build their blogging careers on this idea. The belief that if you are honest, genuine and authentic as a blogger you will go broke.

The irony points to the opposite, which is the truth: being authentic is the way to make MORE money than you ever dreamed you could make through blogging because authentic, genuine, shoot from the hip bloggers gain the trust of their audiences quickly. If you gain the trust of your audience pronto you will:

  • sell more eBooks
  • sell more courses
  • generate more affiliate sales
  • sell more audio books
  • sign up more clients

because when people trust you, and trust your advice, they buy in. Literally.

Practical Tips

Blog in your voice by writing 500 to 1000 words daily for practice. Open a Word document. Write. Trash the word document after you hit your word count for the day.

Surround yourself only with prospering, highly successful bloggers who move you away from limiting beliefs toward empowering, profitable, powerfully uplifting beliefs.

Honestly assess whether or not you are falling prey to this limiting belief by observing your current blog monetizing campaign. Do you honestly feel that you can either be authentic or a profit earner, but not both? If you do subscribe to this lie simply change your course today by realizing that the authentic, real, genuine bloggers of the world have the greatest profit-building potential.


Being authentic and believing you can still make money through your blog will be a highly uncomfortable experience at first. Mainly because you are challenging a deeply held limiting belief in some cases.

You may be shattering the prism of your former reality when you choose to be you and to cash in on the process, as we all deserve to be and do.

To help you wade through the minefield of crazy emotions that may arise during this process I filmed a 1080 HD video in Bali to help you do freeing but uncomfortable stuff like this.

Click the play button to watch the video:

Have you subscribed to this limiting belief in the past?

Or do you believe that you can make money through your blog while being authentic?

What are you doing to be a genuine blogger?

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