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Blogging has a funny way of working into our everyday lives. Some people get into blogging with the goal of making money, while others just want to play around with the idea of having their own little spot on the internet. No matter what the reason may be, it’s just important for you to be blogging.

In today’s Meet the Bloggers interview, we will be talking with Fabrizio, who found himself in the world of blogging by accident while running a small e-commerce site at the same time. Now through this use of his blog and writing skills, he continues to find more success in the world of online sales, content creation and generating money online — something we all enjoy doing!

1.) Please tell us about yourself and how you got into blogging?

Hey, everyone, it’s a real pleasure to be doing this interview, thanks for having me here.

I’m Fabrizio Van Marciano and I’m a passionate web designer, WordPress developer, and blogger from England.

More important than that, though, I’m a proud dad, devoted family man, and lover of life!

So I got into blogging completely by accident way back in 2009. At the time I was running a small commerce business and basically doing marketing campaigns to promote my business. That’s when I discovered blogging for the first time and so I decided to write a blog to help promote my eCommerce business and get more sales and everything else.

It didn’t take me long to realize the true potential of blogging as a business venture, and so after spending some time learning as much as I could about how a blog worked, I decided to launch my first blog in 2010.

2.) What is the focus of your blog and why did you choose that niche?

My first blog was a small internet marketing journal that focused on teaching small business owners how to use internet marketing tactics and tools to grow their business. Later on, I introduced ‘blogging’ as a category and shared my own tips and insights on the subject.

In 2013 a few changes happened, firstly I introduced more topics such as web design and WordPress hacks, tips, and tricks. The second was that I started to provide custom WordPress website design and development as a service on the blog.

So to answer the question properly, my blog today focuses on providing web design, WordPress development, blogging and digital marketing tips, and I chose those very topics simply because I’m extremely passionate about them.

Whilst I’ll also say that I’m pretty knowledgeable in my niche, field or whatever you want to call it, the learning never actually stops, there’s always something new to learn and apply in this industry and I’m sure you’ll agree if you’re in it too.

3.) How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

Over the years I’ve experimented with various methods of blog monetisation.

I’ve never really been a fan of display ads and banners. I’ve tried them in the past, but I think today they do nothing but help to dilute your brand and generally make your website look cheap and nasty.

That’s just my opinion by the way, especially if it’s a business or personal brand website, so you’ll never see a single banner on my blog.

Today I’m monetizing my blog traffic by sharing useful and compelling content, and by creating useful product reviews and comparison posts as well as detailed tutorial posts and videos. Particularly on the products that I’m using in my business.

I also sell my own eBook publications which have been really successful over the years, and lastly, of course, I’m monetising by providing premium services such as custom web design.

4.) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

That’s really interesting because it’s a question I ask myself all the time.

I wish that I knew the importance of building an audience, a blog community. And I wish I paid more attention to doing those things in the beginning.

I also wish that I started to build my email list much sooner, instead, I was more interested in “writing mediocre content” for search engines.

Back then I was obsessed with SEO, keywords, rankings and getting as much search engine traffic as possible.

So really if I had to start over, my focus would totally be on creating better, amazing, problem solving, long-form blog content for readers, not for search engines.

Great content is what get’s your blog noticed and get people following you, it’s that simple.

5.) What are three blogs that you visit almost daily?


6.) Can you give us three recommended tools/services that you use with your blogging?

OK, so the three tools I’m using and absolutely freaking ‘loving’ today to grow my blog and businesses are –

  1. Thrive Leads, which I hands-down believe is the best opt-in form builder and list building plugin on the damn planet.
  2. Thrive Content Builder for building custom landing pages in WordPress without spending an enormous amount of time and resources writing up code. This tool has been a huge time-saver for me, and for my clients too.
  3. Long-Tail-Pro for doing a little bit of keyword research now and then, especially when I’m writing product reviews relevant to my blog niche.

7.) What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog?

I would give two pieces of advice if I could –

The first would be to NOT go into blogging completely blind. By that I mean, with no clear goal or purpose. Definitely define your purpose, your goal, your target audience, your passions and everything else before starting a blog. Passion is absolutely everything, I don’t care what anyone else says. If you’re not passionate, you’re going to crash and burn with your blog, it’s simple as that.

Secondly would be to NOT focus too much of your attention and energy on the celebrity status of other bloggers. Granted and respectfully these guys and girls got where they are today with a lot of hard work, they didn’t just get there overnight. It’s also great to aspire to be like them and everything else, but I think sometimes paying too much attention to what everybody else is doing can help you lose focus and clarity on your own realistic goals, and abilities to achieve your own success in blogging.

8.) What’s the best advice or tip you’ve discovered about blogging since getting started?

The best advice or tip? OK so if you’ve got the passion, because again, passion is key here.

The best advice I ever “eventually” learned about since starting my blogging venture, was to always give value, no matter what, always over-deliver on the value.

Remember, people don’t come to your blog because they give a crap about you. Eventually, they do if they vibe with you and everything else, but they initially come to your blog to see what YOU can give them. What’s in it for them, your readers, your audience, your followers.

Create more value than you can muster and you will win.

9.) If you only had $100 to start a new blog, how would you use it?

Let’s face it all you really need to get started logistically is a domain name and some web hosting. There’s no rocket science behind that really, because money isn’t what you need to make a blog successful, it’s hard work, it’s passion, it’s perseverance, building relationships with readers and other bloggers in your niche, it’s building an audience and everything else.

When you look at it like that, $100 is just a pebble in the ocean, a tiny investment to make for what you CAN get back from blogging.

10.) How can readers of the blog get in touch with you?

Well, these days I write primarily for two main blogs. Magnet4Blogging Media and my personal brand blog at Fabrizio Van Marciano.

Readers can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where I’m the most active on.

Thanks again to Fabrizio Van Marciano for taking the time to share his advice and story with the Blogging Tips community. If you would like to learn about other bloggers and how they are finding success online, be sure to read through our blogger interview series.

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