How to Increase Blog Traffic through Free Methods

Are you struggling mightily to drive blog traffic through free methods?

Don’t blame the tool. Blame the craftsmen.

It feels tough to swallow your failures but owning your lack of blog traffic sets the foundation for a successful free marketing campaign.

Drill this idea into your mind: you need to spend something to drive traffic to your blog. If you aren’t spending money you will spend your time and energy creating helpful, insightful content on free platforms that solves problems suffered by your audience.

I have been a top 10 most viewed blogger on Quora for the blogging category based on this concept. Being thorough and generous in answering questions drove a high volume of targeted, interested traffic to my blog.

Follow these tips to increase your blog traffic through free methods.

1: Create Immense Value

You need something in your arsenal to build your blog traffic through free methods.

Creating immense, thorough, resource-style value is that little something that helps you stand out. In a big way.

If you cheap out on spending money don’t cheap out on sharing your valued insight too. This is a recipe for blogging disaster.

Spend time crafting insightful, thorough content through a variety of social platforms, through Quora and through niche specific forums.

Maybe you’re saving up to buy your domain and hosting but you better set a generous precedent by being thorough, gracious and comprehensive in sharing valued resources through your responses and posts on free online platforms.

Some Free Marketing Channels for Creating Massive Value

  • Guest posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Facebook posts
  • G Plus posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Quora
  • Warrior Forum
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Live Videos
  • Twitter Live Videos

2: Personalize

Personalizing interactions makes you memorable.

What better way to engineer your free marketing campaign than to be warm, to be authentic and to personalize all online interactions?

Address fellow bloggers by name on social media. Your name is likely the sweetest sounding word in your native tongue. So use it to bond with your blogging buddies.

Make a powerful impression through personalizing interactions.

If you are saving money on marketing you will need to spend your time and energy using certain techniques to stand out from the crowd. Using folk’s names is one such technique through which you can stand out.

3: Don’t Be a Stranger

Stranger. Danger.

If you’re using free blog marketing methods you can’t be a flash in the pan.

One night stands are quickly forgotten. You can’t be here today and gone tomorrow and make a positive impact on your targeted audience.

Maintain an active presence on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • G Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Niche Specific Forums

Stand out from the inconsistent, non persistent crowd.

Program folks to respond to your value.

Being a free content marketer forces you to pass the persistence test. Folks who show up daily build a positive reputation through their generous support on free platforms. Inconsistent dodging and weaving types head into blogger oblivion.

4: Press Pain Points

Press pain points to drive traffic through free blogging methods.

Example; ask your Twitter followers of their biggest struggles in your niche. What bedevils them? Why are they slamming into the same obstacles over and over, banging their head against the wall in frustration?

Drilling down to identify pain points creates a goldmine of blog post ideas. Find the specific pain. Tailor a solution through your content. Increase your blog traffic.

Ask questions to extract reader pain points. Draw social media followers out of their shells. Take the time to get intimately aware of reader struggles to better craft content centered around their most pressing problems.

Your Turn

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