7 Reliable SEO Software Tools for 360° SEO analysis

We live at a time where website owners can use different tools to attract more sales, leads and website traffic. Knowing where to find the right SEO software will save you time and money.

Website analysis plays a crucial role in any SEO campaign and using reliable tools for making a comprehensive site analysis can help you. This post is dedicated to previewing a go-to collection of reliable SEO analysis tools. For each tool, I’ve provided a brief summary of its functionality as well as useful screenshots. These are effective, powerful and tried-and-true.

Now, let’s get started…

#1. SE Ranking

When it comes to analyzing your website performance, SE Ranking is one of the most effective and powerful tools to do that using just in a few clicks. This SEO platform helps find and optimize important SEO elements. It is easy to use and gives tons of useful information about your website.

Unlike other tools, SE Ranking provides a 360° view of website rankings, a backlink profile, and depicts your competitors and social media networks. If you want to get detailed reports, you can easily export all of the data into .pdf, .xls, .csv and .html formats in manual and scheduled modes in order to analyze your links and pages.

This tool is useful for websites with many pages as it analyzes all of them. You can instantly figure out what keywords are lost on a page and start finding the reasons that caused it.

Here are additional functionality offered by SE Ranking:

  • Checks all of your website pages for over 70 parameters.
  • Analyzes keyword rankings for mobile and desktop search results, including Google Maps results.
  • Discovers and learns about all of your competitors in the paid and organic search results for targeted requests.
  • Reveals a list of short and long tail keywords filtered by the popularity in one click and groups hundreds of keywords within a few minutes with search volume.
  • Provides insights on on-page elements such as title and meta tags, image analysis, links, content, broken links, website speed, index status, etc.
  • Makes a detailed backlink analysis for 15 SEO parameters.
  • Plans, schedules, and shares content with your followers on different social media networks in just a few clicks.

#2. Screaming Frog

This tool helps you get a quick picture of the overall website performance by finding broken links, redirects, pages with low word counts, keywords elements, HTTP status, canonical issues, internal and outbound links and etc. It makes it easy to analyze the whole website and find what needs to be fixed or updated.

Screaming Frog crawls the entire website from a technical standpoint and provides you with comprehensive reports. It directs you in the right direction in order to fix possible issues. This is one of the key tools for online business, especially if you are serious about SEO analysis, and it is used to make sure that all on-site elements are up to SEO standards.

#3. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a free tool that analyzes your website speed and gives you around 30 different ways to enhance your site speed and performance. It plays a huge role in desktop and mobile rankings in order to keep a close eye on how you are doing. Each site gets a grade from YSlow and Google PageSpeed.

The tool also discovers issues on a website in order to understand actionable fixes that each web page needs to do. GTMetrix can provide you much information about a website, shows all of the improvements that you need in order to make your site load quicker than your competitors and additionally, improves website rankings.

#4. Hubspot Marketing Grader

Hubspot Marketing Grader is yet another great SEO analysis tool that tallies up your website’s SEO activities and examines your blog activity, social media presence, mobile responsiveness, email marketing strategy, etc. This tool can dive deep into your website’s online marketing strategy and provides comprehensive reports on five main areas of your online marketing efforts: blogging, social media, SEO, lead generation and mobile. Hubspot Marketing Grader gives recommendations on how to make better keyword searches and improve your website rankings.

#5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics software and is used by thousands of different companies and agencies. Each webmaster has this free tool in his arsenal and can’t live without it. It gives you high quality and detailed insights and data into how your visitors behave on your website, how they arrived on the website and how you can make them come back. The tool places an emphasis on funnel visualization techniques and sums up the data on high-level dashboards from where visitors come from and can get different types of reports.

#6. Found

Found is a free online tool that allows you to find common SEO errors on a website. The tool checks a website for main SEO factors that touch on organic search rankings: link information, meta data & content, technical implementation, load time, and canonicalization. It also provides a summary of on page link analysis and the strongest inbound links with the full link metrics. Found gives the opportunity to easily download reports in .pdf format.

#7. SEO Optimer

SEO Optimer is a good free website analysis tool that instantly scans the overall website and grades it based on 5 important metrics: social, mobile, SEO, performance, and security. In dependence to the grades, the tool shows all of the improvements that you should implement to further optimize your site.

SEO Optimer also helps you analyze technical on-page elements, the speed of the website, calculates the total number of likes, shares, and comments, checks for email privacy, SSL and other factors as well as increases the overall speed of the website.

Bottom Line on the Best SEO Tools

Website analysis plays a crucial role in any SEO strategy and a poor site analysis can lead to a poor SEO plan. Using the right tools can help you get detailed insights into the site changes that you need to fix and improve so that your site can reach the best search results.

Do you know any other SEO software for a complete website analysis? Please, leave your comments down below.

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