5 Skills to Become a Successful Blogging Coach

If you want to build a steady blogging profit stream offering big ticket services makes your life easier.

Being a blog coach is a rewarding, fulfilling and highly profitable way to render a useful service and to get paid handsomely.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of being a blogging mentor; following these 5 simple tips can help you go from inexperienced blogger to successful coach.

As with any blogging income stream you want to be patient in learning the fundamentals of successful coaching.

After being a blogging coach for the past few years I want to share my insight to help you grow a profitable blog coaching business.

1: Learn Blogging Inside-Out

Learn the nuts and bolts of blogging to mentor other bloggers.

Becoming a competent, confident coach demands that you get the basics of blogging down cold.

Follow top blogs in the blogging tips niche. Study posts. Put your newfound knowledge into action.

Gain confidence in your coaching ability by learning how to build a successful blog and then go ahead and become successful.

Becoming a sponge to blogging knowledge also helps you overcome any feelings of being a fraud, a common block to establishing a successful blog coaching business.

I share a tip to overcome that fraud feeling in this video:

2: Be an Observer

Good coaches are master observers.

By spotting blogger problems you can better formulate solutions to lessen your client’s pains.

Trawl niche specific forums. Observe blog commenting fields. Be persistent in watching, assessing and recording the pains felt by your ideal client.

Coaches are highly skilled watchers who freely and easily spot problems which they address with robust, helpful solutions.

The trick is to spot the specific problem within the pain point. Someone may complain about not getting traffic or seeing scant profits. Your job is to super sleuth your way through their blog to figure out the root of the problem.

Practice makes better. Before you land paying clients practice spotting problems within blogger pain points and create content delivering the solutions to these problems.

3: Develop Compassion

Place yourself in your client’s shoes to become a successful coach.

Develop the habit of being compassionate.

Skilled coaches see problems through the eyes of their clients. Sometimes you may feel out of touch if you have seen stunning online success because you forgot how it felt to struggle terribly. Being compassionate helps you to feel your reader’s pain so you can solve their problems from their viewpoint.

Example; if you guest posted on hundreds of blogs but your client feels terrified to submit their first guest post being compassionate helps you to develop a sound strategy for writing and pitching the guest post from a lower energy perspective. You won’t expect a scared new blogger to dive into guest posting without a fear in the world. Instead, you will build a realistic, practical plan to help the beginner level blogger land their first guest post.

4: Be Open to Coaching

Be open to coaching.

Hire a mentor.

Learn from the best to stay ahead of the blogging crowd.

All greats in any sport are open to coaching. Michael Jordan hired coaches to remain at the top of his game. Ditto for any icon of business.

Coaches know they can only teach others by learning from the best.

Mentors also do a fine job covering your blind spots for you.

5: Charge Generously

If you generously offer your talents you better charge generously to profit accordingly.

Set rates at $100 and up for an hour consultation. Add dollars to that figure as your services expand.

Set rates at $300 to $500 or higher for a detailed, comprehensive blogging report that takes hours to create.

Build a profitable coaching business. Charge generously to be properly compensated for the service you render.

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