myPortfolio by MyThemeShop Review

Not every portfolio theme out there is a perfect match to go ahead with. This is the reason why you need to invest more time, investigating pros and cons of each theme, before making the final decision. The good news is that WordPress and blogging can make this whole concept a lot easier — especially for photography bloggers or anyone else that might have a design portfolio to show off.

MyThemeShop is not a new name for those who are familiar with WordPress and myPortfolio is their premium product in this niche. It can be used to run a grid looking portfolio with the prime focus on images. Or, there is also an option to switch to a blog type look.


The product is available for $69 and we are here to find if it is worth the price or not.

myPortfolio by MyThemeShop Review

The product’s headline says that it is perfect to showcase the work to your clients. Looking at the demo, it does look promising, but looks are not the only thing which matters. Let’s dive into the details to find more about it.

Highlight Features

  • It has dedicated post type for portfolio and natively supports it.
  • There is also an option to publish a single-page portfolio post, which looks gorgeous.
  • A built-in loading effect is included so that the viewers don’t feel frustrated when the internet connection is slow. There is also an AJAX powered loading effect at the homepage.
  • Schema and SEO features are built-in and the theme is optimized for performance too.
  • It supports active translation which automatically translates the content into the targeted language of the visitor.

SEO and Performance

SEO and Performance are two vital factors which can break or make a blog/website. These two are handled perfectly by myPortfolio theme as the developers have included dedicated features. It helps in keeping the webmaster away from relying on any other third-party solutions.

The framework used in MyThemeShop products is known for security and performance. The same is part of the myPortfolio theme too.

The Admin Panel I’m talking about is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge, at all. Unless you’re in the mood to implement a custom CSS code.


It holds all the tools right under a single roof and everything is properly labeled. There is also a documentation available for the theme with proper support from the developer team.


As one can expect, the product is compatible with every MyThemeShop plugins, like WP Subscribe Pro, WP Review Pro, etc.

The compatibility with other third-party plugins is also good and there is no need to worry about this aspect.

The MyThemeShop developers have kept an option to support Child theme, which clarifies that it is compatible with themes from third-party developers too.

In short, the compatibility part is rock solid and there is nothing to be worried about!


The design is the prime attraction as per the details mentioned from the developer. As per them, it has a unique UI, primarily focusing the portfolio niche.

As per my knowledge, I’ve seen such layouts earlier. However, it does look good!


Considering there are two variants available in the package, one for a native portfolio and another for a blog specific layout, the theme does become worthy than it could have with a single variant.

The layout offered for the mobile devices is also perfect. There is an off-canvas mobile menu which is the best practice as per the design and performance standards.


A dedicated layout for iPhone and iPad is also onboard, including support for Retina display.

The built-in page load effects are another attraction, which also helps the theme to maintain the user experience. The animations and these special effects do help in keeping the Bounce Rate in check, which is a crucial factor.

Other Features

As per the MyPortfolio theme is concerned, it holds a special section where one can showcase the list and introduction of all the clients. For a portfolio website, this information is vital and the theme has built-in options to support it.

As aforementioned, there is a dedicated post type to handle the portfolio niche. One can easily input related details with pictures and videos and publish that post which will be categorized under Portfolio directly.


The built-in support for galleries that can take care of the videos and images post types is also onboard. It delivers a better look at the post, ensuring the user experience is not ruined, at all.

There are also few more tools which can be implemented like a Slider. Dedicated social media integration is also present, which can help the users to quickly share a post to their social profiles.

The dedicated support from the developer is another impressive feature which is part of the package. There is also a proper documentation available for the product. My experience with MyThemeShop support team has been mostly good. They are talented, qualified to deliver support and are mostly accurate in finding the issue and resolving it.

Over to You

Overall, myPortfolio is a good product, but it’s not the only option you have. For its price, you can easily find better alternatives, packing more features inside.

In my opinion, if you’re going for the simplicity, then myPortfolio is a good choice. It is lightweight, properly SEO compatible, and possesses all basic features to run a digital portfolio. But, when compared to alternatives, it does lack behind on many fronts.


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