How to Place Your First Guest Post on a Top Blog

It seems scary to place guest posts on top blogs, right?



Wasted time.

The list of nasty outcomes dances around in your mind.

If you can get through these fears you can land guest posts on top blogs. Wading through those fears is easier if you have a few solid, proven tips to follow. Because once you don’t feel so lost and frustrated you can see your guest posting path more freely.

Landing guesties on top blogs:

  • boosts your traffic
  • increases your income
  • grows your email list
  • boosts brand awareness

Ready to dive in?

Follow these 4 tips to place your first guest post on a top blog.

1: Devote Most of Your Energies to Making Friends with Top Bloggers

It is terribly difficult to place your first guest post on a top blog coming in cold. We all put up our “stranger danger” guards even if not on a conscious level.

It gets easier and easier to place your first guest post on a top blog coming in warm. This is because friends take care of friends.

I recall Zac Johnson inviting me to guest post on Blogging Tips. I have posting rights 24-7, 365. What set the table? I commented on his blog for months and also tweeted his posts.

Befriend top bloggers by helping them out. Then you greatly increase the changes of landing a guest post on these rocking blogs.

2: Write 1,000 Words Daily for Practice

Writing 1,000 words daily for practice helps you find your writing voice. Writing adds immense power to your blog posts. Most of all, writing daily for practice makes you stand out in your niche.

Impressive bloggers spent thousands of hours writing in the shadows. Guest post opportunities fall into their laps because these bloggers practiced writing for years.

If you are frustrated about not placing guest posts on top blogs but refuse to write 1,000 words daily for practice you’re living a pipe dream.

Write. Write. Write some more. Get featured on the big dawg blogs of your niche by honing your skills in the shadows.

3: Pitch or Invite?

If you follow steps #1 and #2 diligently, top bloggers will invite you to guest post on their blog without a pitch on your part. Friends take care of friends. Friends with talented writing buddies gladly hand over the WordPress keys for a post or more.

If you do pitch bloggers, personalize every email. Stress the benefits of the guest post you intend to submit. Pick a title and topic 100% resonant with prior posts on the blog. Do your homework. Put yourself in your fellow blogger’s shoes. Why would they buy in to your pitch? Think that through before you ask any blogger for the keys to their blog.

4: Tailor

Placing a guest post on a popular blog requires intimate attention to detail. Successful bloggers are brand conscious. Being brand conscious means all posts must adhere to a certain voice and presentation.

Jon Morrow at Smart Blogger accepts empathetic, compassionate posts with pain point heavy lead ins and a slew of practical tips for bloggers to follow.

Darren Rowse tends to place simpler, less emotionally-charged posts designed to give you a rich collection of practical tips to make your blogging dreams come true.

Study top blogs. Write in your own style of course but fit the blogging voice, the formatting and all elements you need to fulfill to honor the blog and brand. Make your guest post match like a glove to place your first guestie on a top blog.

I share 1 common mistake that goes against this advice in this video. 1 mistake you need to avoid to place guest posts on well-read, successful blogs:


Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?


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