Make More Money and Get to the Top with HilltopAds

As online advertising continues to shift and evolve with the times, so must the efforts of advertisers and publishers alike. There is an increased focus on mobile devices and mobile advertising, for instance, as well as how both advertisers and publishers can still remain profitable with the ongoing rise of ad blocking technology.

Promising higher payouts for publishers and more effective targeting for advertisers, HilltopAds offers a strong suite of ad formats with plenty of features to back it all up.

King of the Hill

Launched in 2014 with bold ambitions in mind, HilltopAds is a global advertising network that aims to combine smart technology with a custom approach that will provide the best possible performance for advertisers and webmasters alike.

Unlike many other networks that focus primarily on one or maybe two payment structures, HilltopAds is remarkably versatile in that the advertising served by the network operates on a CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, CPO, CPS and on a CPA basis. This is designed to optimize revenue for the publisher, while simultaneously optimizing the return on investment for the advertiser. Put all of this together and you get some of the best eCPMs in the business.

It’s also very important to note that HilltopAds accepts all sorts of website types, including microsites and gaming blogs, with no real restrictions on traffic requirements. They accept traffic from practically anywhere in the world from across a broad range of verticals and nearly all niches, including dating and entertainment. Even if you’re just starting out or you’re a more humble publisher, there’s a home for you at the top of the hill. Low website traffic is not a problem.

Getting Creative

One of the great strengths of working with HilltopAds is the flexibility of the platform. They serve a wide range of ads on the network.

In addition to traditional display banners in a range of sizes, like 728×90 leaderboards, 300×250 rectangles, and 160 x 600 skyscrapers, you’ll find popunders, push-up ads, instant messages, direct links, and in-video banners. The eCPM will naturally vary based on a number of criteria, but as a publisher, it’s great to know that you have so many options.

As the web continues to change over time, it’s important to continue varying your ad mix to optimize revenue. The ability to monetize your video player is one of the more unique features of HilltopAds. With more focus on mobile demand than ever before, this is where HilltopAds wants to be. Roughly 60% of their traffic is from mobile, while the other 40% being through desktop viewing. This gives all HilltopAds advertisers enough exposure and volume no matter what type of traffic source or audience they are looking for.

User Control Panel

Whereas some other advertising networks have completely separate dashboards for advertisers and publishers, the user control panel here is integrated into one unified interface. There are simply the two main sections for each type of user, accessible through the main navigation on the left.

This unified approach recognizes that many advertisers are also publishers themselves, just as many publishers are also advertisers. On the publisher side, you won’t be able to manage your sites and zones until you’ve been suitably approved as a publisher. There is a short questionnaire that you will need to fill out before you can start monetizing your online properties.

In addition to the main advertiser and publisher components, HilltopAds also offers a referral program that pays 5% when you refer either an advertiser or a publisher. To support this referral program, you are provided with your own referral URL, as well as display banners in 728×90, 468×60, 300×250, and 160×600 sizes.

While some other ad networks may have some sort of referral system in place, not too many provide the opportunity for you to earn extra cash by referring both publishers and advertisers. That’s a rather unique feature and it provides a great chance for you to bring in some more money.

The Right Technology

HilltopAds boasts a number of powerful features to ensure that publishers earn as much revenue as possible, while also ensuring that advertisers are able to reap the best ROI on their advertising investment too.

One such example of this is the ad network rotation and eCPM real-time optimization. What this means is that partners who have higher CPM rates will automatically get more direct publisher traffic and more unique offers, all in real-time. This unique internally developed system optimizes your ad campaigns quickly and automatically.

Publishers don’t need to worry about finding just the right offers to promote in their niche, as HilltopAds will automatically optimize the ads for each site, selecting only the best performing offers. Similarly, you can also expect access to real-time detailed statistics.

You’ve likely noticed the increased prevalence of ad-blocking technology, both on desktop and on mobile. This has made it more difficult for advertisers to reach audiences and more challenging for publishers to monetize their traffic. HilltopAds boasts an anti-adblocking solution for carrier traffic, helping you break through those restrictions for maximum profit.

As an advertiser, you’ll also enjoy advanced targeting options. A shotgun approach to advertising can only go so far, so gaining granular control over where you want your ads to appear can be very powerful. Target specific geographic regions, as well as device types, browsers, keywords, mobile carrier (or WiFi), IP range and even time of day. HilltopAds also offers advanced retargeting advertising that makes the process of converting any audiences who leave from your site, into high-quality leads. Not only does retargeting offer a way to bring back users who didn’t commit to an action (sale or download or deposit) the first time, it also allows fro advertisers to retarget their white lists to reach specific users that will surely convert to buying customers. In short, Advertisers have the ability to reach the exact customer they want, on the right device, at the right time.

Getting Paid Without Fees

As an advertiser, you pay no financial transaction fees. For funding the account, you can choose between PayPal, wire transfer, Paxum, ePayservice, WebMoney, ePayments or Bitcoin. That allows for a great deal of flexibility. The minimum deposit amount for advertisers is $200.

As a publisher, you do not pay any transaction fees for payouts through a similar array of payment options, including PayPal. And while most other networks pay on a net-30 basis or longer, HilltopAds has a much faster net-7 holding policy, so you can get paid weekly to keep your cash flow going. You just have to meet the minimum balance requirement of $50.

At the Top of Your Game

The main reason why you’d want to sign up today for HilltopAds is that you want to make more money. That’s obvious enough and HilltopAds is dedicated to your mutual success, whether you’re an advertiser promoting an offer with advanced targeting technologies or you’re a publisher leveraging the automatic revenue-optimizing solutions for maximum profitability.

Partners can expect competitive rates, support for all verticals, and a personal approach to your specific advertising needs. Your success is their success! That’s also why they offer custom solutions for valued partners too, as well as a personal manager and international support. And with all the technology for publishers, including anti-adblocking solutions, you’ll reap the benefits of higher eCPMs with less effort on your part too.

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