4 Blogging Lessons Learned from Plane Turbulence



During a recent flight over the Pacific Ocean we ran into an hour’s worth of persistent, bouncy turbulence. This was rare as most turbulence lasts for seconds or minutes at most.

Nothing severe but the situation turned a little rough at times and the regular shaking and bouncing reminded me that being outside of my comfort zone helps me embrace my fears and grow like a weed.

I used to tense up during light, mild turbulence when I was a flying newbie. Now I remain pretty dang calm during long periods of sustained bumpy and bouncy turbulence and even weather those big, sharp, super uncomfortable vertical dips that rarely occur.

If you’re frustrated with running into blogging obstacles regularly and just want to see more traffic and income take these blogging lessons to heart.

Peep these 4 blogging lessons you can learn from plane turbulence.

1: Being Rigid Makes the Turbulence Feel Worse

I recall my first bout with turbulence. During my first flight.

We flew from NYC to Bali. 23 hours. 3 plane rides. I recall feeling the plane shimmy and shake – mildly – during my first hour in the air. Like a flying newbie I tensed up on experiencing turbulence. A wee bit of fear set in. I was unused to this uncomfortable sensation as I’d only known smooth flying to that point.

Tensing up by planting my feet on the floor and grasping the armrest made everything worse. Being rigid accentuated each tiny shift, intensifying my fear and adding suffering to the situation.

I’ve since learned to totally relax my body and simply move with the shakes, shimmies and dips to greatly lessen any suffering and to dissolve my fears associated with turbulence.

Being rigid on the blogging front when things appear to go South hurts you too. Recently I had an issue with my blog formatting. Then the blog didn’t load. Instead of tensing up and fighting the situation by researching the problem for hours on end or by complaining to my host I just opened a support ticket and messaged my developer.

I went with the flow. The situation got resolved.

When the poop plasters the blogging fan, ease up. Let any tension in your body and mind dissolve into relaxation. Then go with the flow to find the solution to your blogging problem. This both lessens your suffering and accelerates the solution to the problem.

2: We All Suffer from Dips at Times

Unless you are in love with roller coasters you probably don’t relish the pretty darn rare but highly uncomfortable sharp dips one may experience during turbulence.

Even though the dips rarely exceed 5 to 10 feet you swear the plane drops 50 feet or more. Of course this isn’t the case but the “stomach in your throat” feeling leads to wild exaggerations.

Everybody suffers from turbulent dips if you fly long enough.

Just like in blogging.

Traffic dips, income dips, comment dips, social media share dips. Change is the one constant. Even if your blog grows steadily you will note mild dips in stats at times. Or sometimes the dips will be more dramatic, shaking out most bloggers with a poor resolve.

Focus on blogging for fun. Check your metrics as a measuring stick but don’t get heavily attached to stats. These are extra. If anything, metrics are guideposts, not all important end points.

Weather ups and downs. Accept the dips as simply being part of the blogging game.

3: The Shakes and Dips End

You’ve accepted that the turbulence dips and the shimmying shakes will happen. No regular flier completely avoids turbulence.

The next concept to accept is that turbulence will eventually end. In most cases, much quicker than you believe.

Don’t allow the fear of 5 turbulent minutes scare you off from circling the globe.

My recent flight from Manila to Vancouver was an anomaly. Out of over 120 flights I only experienced such sustained steady turbulence one other time, over the Indian Ocean during monsoon season flying from Sri Lanka to Malaysia.

Whenever I experience turbulence now I relax and understand that the shaking sensation usually lasts seconds or maybe minutes. No big issue. Temporary deal.

Ditto with blogging shimmying and shakes.

Don’t get faked out by a shake out. Accept the ups and downs as being temporary.

I spent so many hours flipping out over tough moments when my attention and energy should have been focused on a few second’s worth of blogging turbulence.

Don’t make the common and paralyzing mistake by believing that blogging setbacks are permanent, unconquerable events.

All the dips pass. Like everything in life.

4: Facing Your Fear in the Air Helps You Face Your Fears Down There

I have faced, embraced and conquered more blogging and life fears by experiencing turbulence than you’d believe. The first few times I went through strong turbulence I felt anxiety and panic set in. Would the plane crash? What about that highly uncomfortable dip? Was it coming?

Feeling these strong fears course through my body – and embracing the fears and releasing them – helped me conquer strong fears related to my blogging career.

You cannot avoid turbulence. No way to step outside of a plane 36,000 feet in the air. You gotta deal with it. Ditto for your blogging fears if you want to become a successful, fun-loving, inspired blogger.

No matter how hard you try to dodge blogging fears there’s no way to grow rapidly and succeed online if you intentionally avoid your deepest blogging terrors.

I spoke about this through a Facebook Live video:

Face ‘em. Embrace the feelings, no matter how unpleasant. Release the energies to move into successful blogging actions.

Your Turn

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