How to Build a Responsive Email List



Are you disgusted with your open or click rates?

You have an engagement problem.

Growing your email list can be maddening. After nabbing a few hundred or even a few thousand subscribers you may be ready to print money on demand with each new email you send to subscribers.

Seeing a big fat Goose Egg in the sales department feels frustrating, if not completely deflating, after emailing your list.

Turn that frown upside down.

Engage your list and boost your blogging profits with these 4 tips.

1: Entice Subscribers with Benefits

Entice your readers with juicy benefits.

Draw in engaged subscribers by offering specifically what they want, in terms of the problems you will solve for them.

Nothing feels worse than emailing your list to see anemic click rates. You hate putting precious time and energy into building a list only to see zero profits.

Think benefits. Not features. Benefits move people into action, inspiring them to jump from their pain points to their pleasure points via your clear calls to action.

Example; recently I emailed my list an offer to buy my new eBook. On the first day I saw a nice spike in eBook sales. The following day I saw a handful of sales. On the third day I sent out a benefits-laden, sugary sweet, follow up email to my list to buy the eBook. My sales doubled from the release day.

Seeing benefits inspired my readers to buy what would help them avoid their blogging struggles and live their blogging dreams.

2: Follow Up with Valuable Emails Delivering on Your Promise

You made a big blogging promise through your opt in form. Good. You set the table.

Now the pressure is on; it’s time to follow up on your promise by delivering whatever you promised through your email list opt in form.

Create helpful blog posts. Record helpful videos. Be useful. Solve your reader’s problems.

One easy way to boost engagement is to deliver on the promise of solving your reader’s problems. Follow up on your newsletter boast.

Being frustrated by poor engagement rates shows you aren’t delivering on your sign up promise. Get clearer to cut through the frustration. Be diligent in emailing the value you need to share in order to connect with your list subscribers.

3: Send Emails Regularly

Send weekly emails at least to remain fresh in your reader’s minds. Too many bloggers fear sending frequent emails because they do not want to blow out their list. This makes their emails – and themselves – quite unforgettable. But if you email your list 1-3 times weekly – or more frequently – you will have few issues sticking out to your readers.

I email my list 2-3 times per week. I may offer a blog post, a podcast, then I will follow up with a sell email designed to inspire my readers to buy one of my products or services. This makes my readers become more familiar with me and the products or services I have to offer.

This also makes my readers more responsive. If they know my emails flow in regularly they click through and ask questions and buy stuff more regularly too.

4: Ask Questions

Asking questions is an easy way to grow a responsive email list. If you ask folks questions a few will share answers. Doing so helps boost engagement. Readers are more likely to respond to your calls to action from signing up for free webinars to buying your big ticket product or service.

If you are having a difficult time converting ask more questions. Warm up your list subscribers. Press for their pain points. Ask them to share their dreams. Asking questions is simple. Send emails based on 2 or 3 questions. Field responses. Answer to help.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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