5 Tips for Getting Readers to Return to Your Blog


You may be terribly frustrated by the “flash in a pan” readers who seem to frequent your blog once every 6 to 8 months.

These individuals have yet to fully buy in to what you have to offer so they never seem to actually buy in to your products or services.

If you can attract return readers you will:

Let’s turn these “Johnny Come Lately’s” into rabid, profit-building, inspired fans, shall we?

Follow these 5 tips to get return readers.

1: Be Consistent

This means posting at least once weekly. Maybe twice if you are feeling it.

Struggling bloggers usually post inconsistently. This confuses readers – who have no idea what to expect next, and when to expect your next post – who head for the hills. Never to return again.

If you are having a tough time inspiring readers to return to your blog for weeks or months just be consistent. Post weekly. Post twice weekly. Give readers something to return to at a predictable time.

2: Build an Email List

List building should be your #1 blogging goal, save creating value and making blogging buddies.

Feeling the sting of seeing a reader stop by once every 6 months can be painful to accept.

Get irregular visitors on your email list. If they can easily read your updates they are more likely to return to your blog persistently.

Post a pop up form to capture email addresses. Post another opt in form above the fold on your sidebar. Give readers the convenience of receiving your posts via email. Boost your return readership.

3: Comment Persistently on Blogs

One easy way to get return readers is to comment on their blogs once weekly.

I have a little blogging tribe of sorts. We never came to a formal agreement but we visit each other’s blogs and comment on our latest posts at least once a week. One hand washes the other. We boost each other’s return traffic.

This is a simple way to increase return traffic. Don’t be a stranger, ya hear?

4: Write Helpful Posts

Ask your readers for their most pressing problems. What do they struggle with? Why are they fed up? What annoys them the most? What do they need help with? Answer these questions through 1,000 word or longer, keyword rich, practical tips laden posts.

Helping your readers inspires most readers to return to your blog. Why wouldn’t they come back weekly if you solve their problems persistently?

Don’t set an ambitious posting schedule. It is better to create helpful, thorough posts which net return readers versus trying to boost your blog traffic without addressing the specific needs of your community in thorough fashion.

Quality over quantity. Help your returns generously. Grow your blogging community.

5: Build 1 to 1 Connections

Build 1 to 1 connections with readers by:

  • tweeting their latest posts (if they are fellow bloggers)
  • sending personalized emails to them asking how you can help them

This authentic, loving attention to detail will not go unnoticed. Most people perk up when you send a personalized, helpful email asking how you can better assist them because building 1 to 1 connections makes you memorable.

People will return to your blog if you show them that you truly, genuinely, care about them. Build personalized, intimate friendships. Boost your return readers.


Watch this video as I explain how to attract returning blog readers:

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Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you encouraging readers to return to your blog?

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