1 Profitable Lesson Struggling Bloggers Can Learn from the Bird Eater in the Bathroom

Look up.

That’s a bird eating spider. I photographed him camped out on my wife’s loofah.

He’s a Thai black tarantula. A highly aggressive, venomous, amazingly beautiful creature.

He’s living in the bathroom of the place where we’re house sitting in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

He teaches you a profitable blogging lesson too.

If you’re struggling to make money blogging this guy will hook you up. He is a glowing example. The Thai tarantula embodies the concept of:


Patient Bird Eating Spider

This tarantula is a juvenile. When he gets older he will be big enough to eat:

  • birds
  • frogs
  • lizards

and anything else around his size or even a little bigger.

How he does this is no secret to me. I spied him in the bathroom a few times.

He sits stone still. For hours at a time. Being patient. Although I never saw him seize and devour prey he is a healthy little bugger. Stout. Strong. He is eating right.

Ambush predators need to be patient. Still for hours. Then, boom! Lightning strike. He is not catching birds by flying after them. He needs patience. He needs to embody patience. In order to survive.

My bird eating buddy teaches you the power of patience.

Patience and Blog Monetizing

If you are annoyed or downright devastated that you have not made a dime online or perhaps you’re hoping for thousands and have only seen dollars I have one word for you: patience.

If the Thai tarantula in the bathroom can wait patiently for hours as prey flows to him you can patiently:

  • create helpful blog posts
  • create helpful videos
  • comment on top blogs from your niche
  • make friends with top bloggers by promoting them
  • guest post on top blogs
  • build an email list
  • create products
  • offer services
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • convert said eBooks to audio books

until money flows in.

Because you will NEED to be patient in order to make money online.

You cannot make steady profits online by:

  • hurriedly creating a blog on a free platform and haphazardly posting Adsense ads on the blog
  • desperately copying and pasting links to hundreds of social media groups
  • hurriedly and anxiously begging top bloggers to guest post on their blogs

Each of the prior 3 bullet points screams of impatience. Being impatient is being afraid. Fear repels money.

Love attracts money. Fun attracts money. Value and service and generosity attracts money. Patience attracts money.

Watch this video from Thailand as I explain. And yes, I filmed the spider live for your viewing pleasure:

Practical Tips

  • meditate daily to slow down your thoughts and feelings and to cultivate the habit of patience
  • follow top earning bloggers to see the power of patience in action
  • build an email list to patiently establish relationships with your readers
  • persistently share your ebooks, products and services to program your readers to respond to your premium help
  • When you feel impatient take a deep breath and step away from the laptop; it’s better to do nothing than to blog from a frightened, fearful, impatient space
  • surround yourself only with successful, patient, prospering people

Did you think guys like Zac Johnson and John Chow made millions in weeks? These icons built profitable businesses over months and years, creating value, befriending top bloggers, building their email lists and monetizing what they felt passionate about.

Take a lesson from John, Zac and Mr. Bird Attack in the bathroom.

Be patient.

Your Turn

Are you being a patient blogger? Or do you need to work on being patient?

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