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It’s not everyday StudioPress comes with a brand new theme, but they are continuously updating and improving the existing ones. Still, Altitude Pro is one of their brand new products which is totally modern and is ready to match the latest requirements in the website development industry.

As per the design and feature list, Altitude Pro looks a solid product. In fact, once you check the Demo, you’ll definitely consider buying it, but that’s not what I would suggest.

Altitude Pro Theme Review

Altitude Pro Theme Review

Before making a call, I would recommend you to go through the following detailed review.

Highlight Features

  • It comes with a dedicated mobile phone view, keeping everything responsive.
  • There are multiple sidebar layout options which are available for customization.
  • Different color, background, header, and accent styles are available which are accessible easily via WordPress default Live Customizer.
  • The widgets can be added to the homepage area, making everything easy to customize.
  • The theme comes with pre-styled e-commerce layout which is compatible to work with WooCommerce.

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These are the primary highlight of the Altitude Pro premium theme. But, these are not the only one you get in the package. To ensure if it is totally worth the price or not, we have to focus on other sections too.

Let’s do it now!

SEO and Performance

To get better position for your website on Google’s SERPs, it has to be fast and compatible with most of the SEO norms. From the day Google confirmed that speed of a website is considered as a major ranking factor, trust among StudioPress products increased.

Why? Well, most of their themes are developed using highly optimized code, delivering faster performance. It means that the website will open quickly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and even on mobile phones.

The same set of standards are achieved when it comes to SEO scorecard of the Altitude Pro theme. It is compatible with most of the norms and the remaining ones can be added using third-party plugins like Yoast SEO (even the free version).


This is one section where the theme excels, leaving behind most of the prime competitors. It looks gorgeous while maintaining every aspect of the functionality. In short, it’s a perfect theme for creating an online profile for a digital marketing agency.

You can easily input multiple plans with details in bullet points, showcase the premium features in form of graphics, place a Call to Action, and more. All these elements can be added and customized using the widgets which are the simplest way of making a change in a WordPress theme.

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The design is responsive which have dedicated layouts for desktop (or laptop), tablet, and smartphones. It will even open and function perfectly on a featured mobile phone, keeping all your mobile phone users satisfied.

The Header area is using minimal design, thus, covering lesser space and still offering the required functionality. The same area is having the primary navigation which stays responsive.

Other than a secondary navigation at the Footer area, a dedicated Call to Action is also offered over there. On top of all, parallax scrolling effect keeps everything smooth.

Genesis Framework

A couple of years ago, Genesis framework was very popular and there were not good framework in competition. Today, there are a couple of good frameworks available which are equally good as of Genesis. However, StudioPress has still maintained it well!

It lacks brand new features which competitors are offering, but Genesis has always focused on offering simplicity and performance.

Continuing with the same concept, Genesis is the Parent theme here and Altitude Pro is the Child one. The synchronization between the two is perfect and there is hardly any glitches which one would notice.

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There are a dozen of options available inside the framework which can be tweaked to change visual or functional side of the over alll website.

Multiple third-party (free and paid) plugins are also available which can help you add a particular functionality to the core framework. So, it can be configured further and can be customized too!

In short, Genesis does what it is supposed to do here and it never disappoints!

Over to You

Finally, it’s your call to pick Altitude Pro theme or drop the idea completely, as there are equally good options available at lesser price. However, the simplicity and peace of mind Altitude Pro offers is yet to be challenged by any other competitor.

On top of all these features and aspects, the dedicated support team of StudioPress should be considered as a premium feature of the theme itself. As the support side of StudioPress have been of outstanding standard since years.

There are many Facebook and Forum groups available online which have thousands of threads with useful and genuine information about every StudioPress product, including Altitude Pro. This is a rock solid factor as it confirms how popular the developer is!

What do you think about Altitude Pro theme now?

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