Schema by MyThemeShop Theme Review

The theme in question here, Schema, is clearly the best product MyThemeShop developers have ever come with. It looks perfect in design, is lightning fast in performance, is totally optimized with modern SEO norms, and comes with all top-of-the-line features.

As an early bird, I’ve used this theme from the day it was released and since then, I’ve seen it getting matured and popular. It’s clearly the most popular product from the MyThemeShop.

Over the internet, you can easily find hundreds of reviews, mostly praising it. Today, we’ll look at the theme and find out if those reviews are genuine or not. Let’s start with our Schema theme review.

Schema by MyThemeShop Review

First, let’s admit that it’s a popular product. There is no doubt in that. So, we’ve to keep the hype aside and then look at the overall package. Schema by MyThemeShop is definitely a WordPress theme that will grab the attention of bloggers everywhere. With its clean design and super fast loading time, be sure to add this one to your list.

Highlight Features

  • A blog-specific layout which is also responsive.
  • Properly optimized as per SEO and Performance norms to deliver a top-notch experience.
  • Built-in review system and support for other Rich Snippet norms.
  • WooCommerce compatible with built-in shop layout.
  • Advertisement and Affiliate ready design.
  • MyThemeShop’s powerful Admin Panel at the base.
  • Built-in Translation support., SEO, and Performance

Going with the name, one might think that it’s a product highly compatible with norms. These norms help a blog post to achieve better CTR and boost the overall organic traffic.

In our case, Schema theme is totally compatible with those norms and it features related tools. The CTR can be improved by using built-in Rich Snippet tools.

To make itself a complete package, it’s also compatible with the Search Engine norms, each one being practiced currently. It’s also optimized to deliver top-notch performance. In fact, it is among the fastest WordPress themes available in the modern time.


Clearly, these three,, SEO, and Performance compatibility, help every blog post to rank on better positions and get maximum possible organic traffic. The performance part not only helps in SEO but, also help in delivering an impressive user experience to the end-users. After all, who likes slow loading websites?

The theme is properly coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and the code is validated. It helps in achieving a modern look while keeping things lightweight and secure (as per the modern web security protocols). It also helps in keeping the number of Request to Server minimum.


It is compatible with all known web browsers including the older versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. The design is not just responsive but a mobile friendly design is packed inside which triggers, every time a session is locked from a mobile device. Combining all, the user experience delivered is top-notch.

Other than the compatibility with the built-in functionalities and plugins by MyThemeShop, the product is compatible with all known and well-coded WordPress plugins.

In case if something goes wrong or not working, their talented support team members are always ready to sort out the issue and ensure their product always remains among top-tier.


It has three layouts, two ideal for running a blog and one for running an e-commerce shop. The e-commerce layout is not at all impressive and I’d never recommend you to choose Schema for running an e-commerce website.


However, when it comes to running a blog, Schema is definitely a perfect match. The theme looks perfect as a blog and retains the same on mobile devices too.

Blog Centric Features

One thing which I really like about Schema is that it doesn’t try to focus on multiple niches. It does have a shop oriented design, which is, not that impressive (to be frank), but that’s about it. It primarily focuses on being a product ready to be used to run a Blog.

No matter which niche you use it for, Schema is a perfect match. The design is perfect as it has a blog-centric layout, having proper cut-outs for featured image, breadcrumb, sidebar, footer, reviews, social media shares, snippet, blog title and tagline or logo, advertisements, etc.


Most of the themes, don’t get everything right while Schema has nailed everything with a perfection. This is the reason why it became popular.

Other Features

With built-in typography and other customization options, which are easily accessible via Theme Options panel, the overall package becomes even better.

The theme ensures that the typography stays splendid and the content itself is ready for translation in multiple languages. The built-in support for generating affiliate leads through content are all helpful and even if you intend to earn from advertisements (via AdSense or any other source), then the dedicated tools are available inside.

In short, the package features everything required to support the blog and ensure, first it gets organic and social traffic, second it looks impressive, and third it generates maximum possible leads.

What else you need?

Over to You

This was all from my side about Schema theme. Did you find it as impressive as it has been marketed? If not, I’m very interested in knowing the exact things which you didn’t like.

In my opinion, Schema is surely a perfect theme to run a blog and is definitely a good investment (as you can use it on unlimited websites). It also features decent support which helps in those uh-oh moments. Be sure to add this premium WordPress theme to your arsenal.

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