6 Reasons to Build a Blogging Brand

Many bloggers resist building a blogging brand because it seems like too much work.

The energy and time you put into brand-building may appear to be overwhelming at first but if you do it right this process becomes easy.

If you understand the benefits of creating a brand for you blog you are more likely to dive into this profitable and powerful vehicle for becoming a successful blogger.

Reasons to Build a Blogging Brand

Let’s go over 6 reasons why you should build a blogging brand.

1: Become Memorable

Branding makes you and your blog memorable.

Memorable bloggers make an impact.

Bloggers who make an impact grow successful blogs. This crowd usually becomes full time, pro bloggers who blaze the trail for the blog-o-sphere.

Zac Johnson offers you a fabulous example of how to become memorable.

After clicking on one of his Twitter links I found his Rise of the Entrepreneur Podcast.

That Spartan, “300” style helmet with the red (blood colored) lettering left a firm impress on my mind. So much so that I am mentioning it here.

Memorable brands make you remember and also, you tend to suggest these brands and blogs to other people.

2: Make Your Life Easier

Why work hard when you can brand your blog for an easier experience?

The simple act of creating an eye-catching logo helps you boost blog traffic more on auto pilot and less on your efforts.

Blog branding is the greater conversion tool. Traffic becomes list subscribers. List subscribers become customers and clients. Customers and clients become life long fans. All because you took time and spent energy building an eye-popping brand that inspires people to buy in immediately.

I noted 5 more subscribers to my email list yesterday. I’ve no doubts my blog pop up contributed to the boost yet my brand logo and core branding message helped convince these 5 individuals to sign up for my email newsletter. Branding played a part because seeing a branded, professional-looking blog puts readers at ease. Readers at ease tend to join lists and spend their money on premium products and services. No guard up, no barrier to subscribing or spending.

3: Have Fun Creating

You should brand your blog because it is fun to brand a blog.

This overlooked aspect of blog branding gets lost on money or traffic hungry bloggers. Focus less on dollar signs. Give less attention and energy to stats. Fall in love with every step of the creative process, from conceptualizing your brand to sending logo design ideas to your web developer to brainstorming your bespoke theme and eBook covers.

Enjoy the fun of creating a brand from the ground up. I had a blast envisioning myself as a brand, comparing myself and my blog with the billion dollar companies you will see below. Branding levels out the playing field a little bit because even if you have few dollars to invest in spreading your brand’s word you will stick out in a crowded niche through branding.

4: Build a Profitable Asset

Build a profitable asset over the long haul. Build a rocking blogging brand.

Any top earning blogger creates a brand before creating a blog. Whether an individual persona or a bigger concept or entity, branded blogs earn more money because branded blogs convey a professional image. Branded blogs are also more memorable than unbranded, Plain Jane blogs.

Branding played a key role in my blog monetizing campaign. If people remember my brand logo, my writing voice and my overall brand message they are likely to trust me and my products, eBooks and services.

5: Follow the Billion Dollar Lead

McDonald’s, Google and Apple are billionaire ventures because each entity build a brand. First. No brain trust of a billion dollar company thinks of branding after launching. Carefully built, planned and launched brands satiate all requirements from the prior 4 points.

Follow the lead of billion dollar companies. Billions flow in for clear, distinct reasons. One such reason is smart, well-planned branding. Take a page out of Google’s book. Mimic KFC. In your own way, of course.

Now Your Turn

How are you building a blogging brand?

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