Where to Find Great Deals for Designers and Developers

It’s an amazing statistic to see, but 26% of the Internet is now powered by WordPress. You will also find that 59.4% of Content Management Systems (blogs, websites) run on WordPress (the nearest competitor lags some way behind, at 6.1%). On top of everything else, 500 new WordPress sites go online every day. Developers have seen the size of that market and produced more than 44,000 WordPress plug-ins to take advantage of it. You can use some of those plug-ins to make your website and/or your blog stand out from the crowd. But where do you find them? Where are the WordPress deals that will let you develop the best website you can possibly have without breaking the bank?

Answer: they are at Greedeals.com.

How do you find the right WordPress plug-in for you?

Plug-in development is a resolutely freelance world. The developers work on their own or (more often) in small teams. A market that size made up that way is – has to be – fragmented. Which is great, because it means that plug-ins are being developed by people who love what they’re doing and do it well. But how do you find them? (And isn’t that the big question anywhere on the web? Isn’t it the question you, yourself, face when you look out at that big wide world full of all those potential customers – and all those competitors, too? How do potential customers find the people who have what they want?)

That’s Greedeals’s raison d’être

That’s why Greedeals.com came into existence. It brings together all those thousands of plug-in developers and gives them a home: a shopfront where they can offer their wares for you to find. And you see those last five letters in the word Greedeals? They are there because deals are what make Greedeals run. We have WordPress deals in abundance. You may be a web designer; you may be a developer; you may be a huge company or a one-man band looking for the last (for now, because the Web never settles) vital component to enthuse visitors and turn them into customers. Your WordPress deals are here. We have:

  • Themes
  • Templates
  • Scripts
  • Icons
  • Fonts
  • Software
  • And too many other things to make room to list here.

What makes Greedeals different?

People have all sorts of reasons for doing business online with one website and refusing to deal with another – but the single most important has been shown to be TRUST. The biggest difference between buying something online and going to the store for it is that, in the store, you can handle the goods, check the quality – and you can look the salesperson or store owner in the eye and know whether you feel you can trust that person or not. WordPress deals are all very well, but if you don’t have total trust in the person you’re dealing with, you’re probably going to walk away. That won’t happen with Greedeals, because Greedeals has built an enviable reputation for an outfit that deserves your trust. Your downloads are secure, we never share your personal details with ANYONE, and every deal comes with an unconditional, no-questions-asked, 30 day full cash refund offer.

Once trust exists, there are some other things you need – and Greedeals delivers. We always have a number of freebies on offer, but it’s the WordPress deals you’re really interested in, and for those you can rely on a discount that will be a minimum of 50% of list price and may well be more. Those deals are only available for a limited time, though, so when you see an offer that appeals, you’d be wise to snap it up there and then – if you come back later, it may well be too late.

Then there’s support. We have a big team; if you have any difficulties installing or using something you buy from us, just get in touch and we’ll work through the problem with you.

Now let’s look at some of the deals Greedeals has on offer right now. It’s unlikely there will be nothing here to attract you but, in any case, become a Greedeals member and we’ll keep you informed of new WordPress deals as they become available. There’s always something new, exciting, and perfectly priced!

The Moto WordPress Theme

Moto is fully responsive – it adapts to whatever device it is opened on – and that matters today more than ever, because Google has made readability on mobile devices a central factor in deciding where, on search engine results, your site ranks.

You don’t need any coding expertise – there is a marvelous drag-and-drop feature that means you can decide what you want and where you want it on each page, drag it there, and then check it in the Preview feature to make sure it’s laid out exactly the way you want it.

You get:

  • 42 different layouts
  • 44 different homepages
  • 12 different colors
  • Up to 480 pages
  • 52 sliders

This is a multipurpose theme; you can use it to build an e-commerce site, a portfolio, a blog, a corporate website – anything you need. Want to design a landing page? It’s here. A sales page? That’s here, too. Moto is 100% compatible with WooCommerce, so you will never struggle to get your visitor through the sales funnel.

Lose your data, lose your company – don’t let it happen to you!

A hard disk crash can have appalling results. If you are lucky, and you’ve backed up, it won’t be the end of the world. If you haven’t, it may be. So: backup!

1TB Cloud Storage From Zoolz provides you with absolute security. You still keep your files on the hard disk, just as you always have; if you also use an external drive for backup, go on doing that, too – but also store all your files in the cloud.

This brings two benefits: first, you have total backup and you will never lose your files; and, second, when you’re away from home and you want to check something (or work on something) using a mobile device that isn’t the one you use at home, then the fact that the files are stored in the cloud means that you can do so. As long as you have Internet access, you also have access to your files. How safe is it? Well, the data is stored on Amazon’s AWS servers, which sounds pretty safe to us.

And, right now, there’s a deal that simply is too good to miss: normally, to guarantee Zoolz backup for the rest of your life would cost you $1,800 but right now it’s available at the special one-off price of $39.99. Don’t delay – your files can be there for a lifetime, but that offer won’t be.

20 Scripts for your website

You either know what a script is or you don’t. If you don’t, it’s a set of instructions that a program looks for to execute an automated process. You come across scripts all the time, on most of the websites you visit, but you won’t know it because they’re invisible to the visitor. The offer is for 20 scripts to run on your WordPress website. Among the things they make happen:

  • A sticky menu – it sticks to the bottom of the webpage, offers three different forms of drop-down for the menu items, comes in a variety of colors and with a whole bunch of fonts, and works as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop
  • A menu that allows you to use any of a whole range of sub-menus, depending on what that visitor happens to be interested in
  • Two different sets of hover effects that vary according to what the visitor hovers over
  • A star rating widget
  • Two rather clever carousel plug-ins
  • A fully featured social media sidebar
  • Minimalist and elegant pricing tables
  • Countdown and count up plug-ins

and a whole bunch of other things you won’t know you need until you see that you can have them. Together, this lot is priced at $650 – move fast, and you can have them for $14. But, as we said before, don’t delay, or you’ll miss it. And even if you can’t use them straight away, you can keep them until you’re ready. For $14, how can you possibly miss an offer like this?

Have you got a privacy policy? Can visitors see it?

Without a privacy policy, your website is breaking Google, Amazon, and a number of other sets of rules. The fact that they’ve done nothing about it so far doesn’t mean they never will. Every website that accepts comments or is in any other way responsive to visitors (let alone sells things, or asks visitors for their email addresses and other information) should have a page that says what their privacy policy is; if any form of commerce is involved, they also need a terms and conditions page. Organizations like Google can tighten compliance at any time. Don’t take a chance – there’s no need to.

Keywords. How much do you know about them?

Most people know by now that keywords are essential for good SEO – that is, keywords have a big part to play in the business of getting your potential customers to visit your website as opposed to someone else’s. But how good are you at using them? There are companies that will look after your SEO for you and, if you happen to be turning over $1 million or more every month, they may be worth paying – but, for most people, that is simply a dream. A dream that does not need to become a nightmare, because KeywordXP Pro is available here, for a short time, at the very special one-time fee of $19 instead of $147, which is as close to being a deal you can’t refuse as anything we’ve ever seen.

What this program does is to find the keywords you really need. Not the keywords you think people will probably search for when they look for a product or service like yours, but the keywords that people really are searching for, right now. They’ll also find the long tail keywords that are so important in matching your website to a searcher’s needs, and – if your sales need to be restricted to a particular area – they will make the inquiries region-specific. There’s no point in finding out what people are looking for in Nova Scotia if you are not able to deliver outside Texas. A number of languages are supported, and the data is not restricted to Google – Amazon, Bing, eBay, YouTube and Ask are all searched for the gold dust that is scattered among your essential keywords.

And now some freebies!

Who doesn’t love a freebie? The WordPress deals we’ve offered above have some remarkable pricing in them, but there’s no pricing better than “no price.” Take a look at some of these:

Avactis Shopping Cart

It’s amazing what a difference a good shopping cart can make to a website’s ability to turn visitors into customers. Amazing – but true. The Avactis Shopping Cart is PHP-based, open source, packed with features – and free. What are you waiting for?

Coral Web UI Kit

UI stands for User Interface. If you’re a web designer, you know that – and you also know how long it can take to design subscribe buttons, drop-down menus, Contact Us buttons, and all those other things that go into providing your customers with a user interface that will ensure slick operation that makes their visitors feel welcome. And yet, that time that you are investing is all being spent on reinventing the wheel – because all those things have been done before. Many times. Wouldn’t you rather devote your efforts to the things about the website that only you can perfect? Download, completely free of charge, the Coral Web UI Kit, and you can do so, because when you download it you get the right to use it for your commercial operations as well as your personal use.

Fitness Icons

If you’re in any kind of business connected with physical fitness – or if you have customers in those businesses, because this download can be used for commercial as well as personal purposes – these icons will save you a lot of time. People and equipment – and available in PNG as well as SVG format, so there’s really no limit on what you can do to.

50 Fractals – free!


What do you think you might use fractals for? They’re good for almost anything: backgrounds, highlights; the only limit is in your imagination. The PNG format lends itself to a variety of applications. And you can get them here, without being asked to pay a cent!

That’s it for today. But don’t miss any of our great WordPress deals and freebies in future. Sign up here, and we’ll make sure that you know about everything we get up to.

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