10 Branding Tips for Confused Bloggers

Building a blogging brand is a painful experience for most bloggers.

Publishing posts and networking seems easy enough but sitting down for a brand-pondering session feels both intimidating and confusing.

I want to help you with 10 practical tips to cut through the confusion and create clarity around your blogging brand.

Branding Tips for Bloggers

Branded blogs:

  • generate more traffic
  • net more income
  • reach a wider audience
  • attract a more loyal, supportive community

Follow these tips to do branding right.

1: Know Why

Know why you’re building a blogging brand.

Having the reason why gives you clarity.

Tie the reason to something fun and freeing. How would it feel to be recognized as a top blogger in your niche? Or to help people from all over the world? How would it feel to appear on sites like Fox News (like me), Forbes, Virgin and Entrepreneur?

Bottle those feelings and use this fuel to create a dynamite blogging brand.

2: Conceptualize a Brand Logo

What does your brand logo look like?

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income provides you with a good example of someone who had a clean, clear, aligned brand logo designed for him blog.

He also shows how a smiling head shot, a powerful tagline and a seemingly always increasing monthly income tally snatches your attention instantly.

3: Hire a Designer

Don’t cheap out. Hire a designer to handle your branding.

Web designers can create your logo and bespoke theme. Designers can create eBooks covers, audio book covers and product covers.

Dig into your pockets. Develop a professional-looking, memorable brand.

4: Be Consistent

Be super persistent to program folks with your brand message.

Well known brands send out a persistent, consistent message regularly.

Speak the same message across all of your online real estate. Become memorable through the power of consistency.

5: Be Persistent

Speak a persistent brand message.

Think of each blog post, tweet, video, eBook or product as a commercial. Playing a similar commercial in front of a targeted audience persistently programs resonant individuals to respond favorably to the commercial.

You literally program people to respond to your blog brand by persistently appealing to interested parties.

Be persistent.

6: Study the Branding Big Dawgs

McDonald’s. Apple. Nike. Google.

Each world-renowned brand is a case study in how to create an eye-catching brand message.

Observe how these branding big dawgs emit consistent, persistent, emotionally moving messages.

Repeat the names of these empires to yourself. I guarantee that within a second you immediately picture the company logos.

Now that’s branding!

When you walk inside any McDonald’s or view a McD’s commercial or even just stare at the brand logo you want to have fun. This is a brilliant example of how to create an emotionally appealing, persistent brand message.

Learn from the best to brand your blog powerfully.

7: Invest in Resources

Invest in resources to build a powerhouse blogging brand.

I wrote and self-published this eBook:

10 Branding Tips for Confused Bloggers

to help you cut through the anxiety of creating and maintaining an attention-grabbing, memorable brand.

Feasting on resources cuts your branding learning curve by months or years.

8: Admit when You Deviated from Your Brand Message

Even the most successful bloggers stray from their brand message sometimes. Although this is not a major mistake it can confuse your blog readers who bought into a different message.

Example; if you built your blogging brand on being humorous but publish 2 or 3 serious, somber posts to your blog, it’s time to either get back to your original brand message or to maybe rethink your brand, based on your life experiences.

Mild deviations are no big deal. Just get back on track.

Huge chasms can severely confuse your audience and may even destroy your carefully constructed brand.

Stay true to your message and get back on course if you strayed a little bit.

9: Admit when You Have No Brand

Be honest; do you even have a brand?

No sense lying to yourself. Don’t struggle. Don’t strive.

Just admit that you have yet to build a blogging brand. This helps you begin brand-building with a clean slate.

10: Build Your Blog Around a Brand

Start with a brand. Build your blog.

Allow your brand’s energy to bleed through all that you do online, seeping into your:

I add my Blogging From Paradise logo and a breathtaking image I personally snapped from tropical paradises to every one of my eBooks covers. My brand comes first.

Work your brand into everything that you do online to become memorable.

Your Turn Guys

What tips can you add?

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